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Most DNFs Without Any Finds?


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Published more than 2 1/2 years ago. Over 100 DNFs. Zero Finds. This has to be some kind of record?




I think that the Shelter II or Shelter III caches by IndyMagicMan may have had almost double that before they were found. I know that one of those had well over 200 DNFs with only 2-3 finds at one point. There were also a *lot* of note logs by the cache owner confirming that the cache was in place.


Unfortunately, in the case of the cache you pointed out, it sounds like there has been a fair amount of destruction by some that have tried to find the cache.

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Published more than 2 1/2 years ago. Over 100 DNFs. Zero Finds. This has to be some kind of record?




This one (I believe) was the most DNF'd before a find in the world.




There was a lot of controversy around it though.

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Not quite an answer to the question you asked: I ran a PQ, came up with 149 caches in the US older then "Got to Get up..GC2BXAE" and unfound. I'm not planning to check the number of DNFs on em.


The oldest is a 2001 cache in Alaska. One logged DNF. Most of the older unfound caches are in Alaska, some in Wyoming, Utah, remote parts of California. Caches with few to no logs, could be missing, could be there.


In Florida, Jezebel GC11AYQ is an older cache unfound, a puzzle. There are a number of longstanding unfound puzzles out there, active owners, still confirming cache in place.


If you ask for Trads only, there's an old high difficulty cache in Georgia http://coord.info/GC18E84 with quite a few DNFs.

TeamSeekAndWeShallFind own a number of trads with high difficulty, unfound since published and older then GC2BXAE


IndyMagicMan's Shelter III may have had the most DNFs on it before found, it's still being DNF'ed a lot more than found. And Bifrost, linked above

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