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I am working on a event that I just wanted to pass on to the community for others to comment on or use if they like. You can view the event at GCG087. the premise is based on the movie "Mission Impossible" the story line is that Jim Phelps (event sponsor) contacts 2 other cachers in their local area and gets each of them to play a role from the movie. One assumes the role of Ethan HUnt who Contacts other local cachers to develop a network of agents (other cachers) and one cacher for the role of Max(the villian) to try and interupt the get together. It is basically a role playing game where the network places micros to announce the date time and location of the event. A secret code is also being developed to aid in secure communications between the network of area cachers to prevent Max from disrupting the event.

So what do you all think of the idea? comment and or improvements on the theme would be appreciated. To prevent my true identity from being revealed, that is one of the challenges the area cachers must figure out who Max and I are, I have established a bogus geocaching identity which I will periodically post hints to help along the way. Once the game is set motion it should prepuate itself. We will see how it goes.

The Mystery Cacher

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Ok will do, and likewise for your Mission Impossible, the most I would ask is to get fellow Lord of the Rings fans interested once it is developed, ideas are welcome!

If you have any thoughts and or would like to help develop the LOTR game with our team, let me know. When I am not pressed for time(at work currently) I will lay in the ideas and details we have thus far


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This reminds me of a game from the very early eighties called "killer". In today's political climate, it would be impossible to play. The players were issued cards with basic information about their target, and set out to "kill" them with waterguns, tape recorded "bombs", and rubber knives, etc. The player you just eliminated would give you his target card(s) untill only one active player remained. The idea was for everyone to go about their daily business while keeping watch behind their back at all times. Lots of fun, but sure to get you arrested today on suspicion of terrorism or some such nonsense. The geocaching, however sounds like a great alternative. I'd love to participate in something like that. If it goes off well, I'd like to have some suggestions for creating a game like that here in New Orleans.



"Searching with my good eye closed"

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well the event went off as planned. a great time was had by all. we eventually had micros with dat time and location hid in 3 major cites in our area for cachers to find the event by. this became a event in and of itself. the task became to find out who all the agents were. there were even some surprises for me and I was the host of the event. it seems the person who chose the location for the event chose a state park where I have a 9 stage multi cache. so the event became 2 teams of agents competing to find who could complete the 9stages and find the bonus cache first. there was also a bonus event cache place that even I was unaware of that was full of spy gear. this was definetly an adventure if anyone is interested in doing something similiar I would be glad to give any ideas that worked for us.

the federation


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