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Learning to place a cache


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By reading the guidelines. :)




Hide a Cache...

To hide a new geocache in your area...


It is necessary that you read and understand the Cache Listing Requirements and Guidelines prior to placing each and every geocache. Please make sure to obtain permission from the landowner or land manager.


Once you are prepared, fill out our online form to report a new cache. This is a free service.

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This is the part where someone usually steps in and tells the newbie wannabe hider to please, please go out and find a few caches before you start hiding them, make sure you're going to stick with the game for awhile, blah, blah, blah but then I checked your profile .....never mind. 😊

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Best advice I can give is to read the guidelines and linked help center (see my signature). When you are done with that, read them again. After that - go back and reallyread and get to understand them. You should have no trouble getting one published if it fits nicely into all of them.


Also the 3 most important aspects of any cache is location, location and location. Although a quality sealed container and a dry logbook are always nice as well.

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Where can I get information on how to start and set a cache?


1. Ask any and every question you can think of. We love talking about geocaching even if we have talked about it before.

2. Read the guidelines. Chances are someone offered an idea that might not meet the exact rules. "Russian Embassy? Go for it."

3. Join a local club and pester them as well.

4. Go caching and get a feel of what you would like to find.


Then come back and share your knowledge and experiences with others. Couple months from now they'll be someone who wants information on placing a cache.

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Go to the nearest parking lot and look for the lamp posts. Most of them have a liftable skirt at the base. Get the coordinates there and place your cache. Repeat at every business in the city, as long as you are .1 miles from the previous one cache.






Have fun! :rolleyes:

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