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TB going by Post

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I am new at this so I hope I did nothing wrong.

I bought five TB's and have sent two on missions by placing them in local caches and two are still with me waiting. I will be going to Mexico in April so I want to drop one there if possible. I have one that I want to travel in the USA -

But that is not my question - sorry - I have mailed one to a friend in Korea. I want it to travel back to Canada.

I logged it dropped and then found in a cache here in my local area and then mailed it to Korea. I want to count distance traveled. When my friend receives it he will release it in a cache -- how will he log it since he never found it in a cache here in Canada and I am the last one seen with it?

What happens next?


-- If I want to send another TB to friends in other parts of the world so I can watch the travels what is the best way to do so. I have many friends that live overseas - and I think it would be interesting to send TB to them and see how long it takes to get home again.


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Your friend will need to log the TB as 'Grabbed from Martymarquette' When he enters the unique code on geocaching.com. You are allowed to post your own in the mail TBs if you like, but always ask the TB owner before you send someone else's. It's just a personal choice whether the owner wants it posted or just to travel with a geocacher.

Once your friend logs it, he can visit it in a cache and it will count the kms.

To follow any of your TBs travels, you just mouse over Your Profile and click on (Yours) to the right of Trackables.

To follow someone elses TB, visit its page and click on 'Watch This Trackable Item'...


If you want them to try to get home to you, remember to include that in their mission...


And also, although it's sad to say, be prepared to lose some of the TBs on the way, because it is likely to happen.

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If you need any released in the US, I live near Detroit, Michigan and have moved several mailed TB's along already.

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