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  1. Markstafar, Thank you so much! It arrived in the mail today and Cachehunter is complete again! I'm just overjoyed. Happy Holidays, Elisa
  2. Mark, this is such fabulous news! I'm so giddy with joy! Email sent - thank you!
  3. This is what the little fellow looks like: http://thecachingbag.blogspot.com/2015/11/cache-hunter-blues.html
  4. I know this is impossible but... I bought for myself a Cache Hunter MiniFig to accompany me on the #Geocaching15 Road Trip this summer. We had quite an adventure. But, while attending an event, he was plucked from my tote bag and passed around. I'm sure it was not intentional, but he was returned at the end of the night without his "15 Years of Geocaching" backpack. I contacted Geocaching.com to see if I could order a replacement part (I wasn't expecting a 'yes' but they could've at least replied to my message). And now Cache Hunter is completely out of stock (though even in stock I'd never convince myself to pay for an entire figure for the one piece). So, on the absolute remotest chance I'm posting here in case anyone knows what company created the MiniFig (only lists Geocaching.com on the package) or if by some miracle someone has the special backpack to spare for whatever reason? Thank you so much!
  5. I know this is a long, long shot, but.... (categorize under "if I knew then what I knew now...") I'm still looking for: GPS Adventure Maze - Boonshoft Museum Please contact me directly. Thanks!
  6. Welcome, Julie! I'm Elisa from Ferndale, MI and a member of the Southeatern Michigan Geocaching group on FB. Even though our events aren't in your area, we are always open to new cachers and offer great advice and online camaraderie. Join us! Elisa
  7. I have no problem with non-premium members signing my premium-only caches. Good deal! I wasn't a fan of making them -premium only in the first place so I'm happy when they are found. I only use premium-only on my challenge caches because I had so many new Cachers logging them as their first finds.
  8. My workload became a quite taxing, so I had to take a break from caching. I realized I needed to get out more in life; thus taking me back to caching. Good deal! Welcome back!
  9. I'm with you! As a result, I now have TBs in Australia, Germany and Denmark. I'm geeked when a holder lets me know they are holding onto a TB to take it far. I especially appreciate this when a TB has been stuck in one state for months and months.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention... There is a list somewhere of volunteers who you can mail your trackables to & they will drop them in their country. My sister & I both signed up for the US, but we've never been contacted.
  11. I've participated in several TB exchanges - most recently with Germany and Australia. I had a lot of fun giving Rufus from Germany a grand tour of Detroit before moving him along: http://scrapcat-scraps.blogspot.com/2013/03/rufus-came-to-detroit.html
  12. Woot! I'm a sucker for feel-good trackable stories. I have quite a few gone missing, but I'm always optimistic
  13. scrapcat


    Welcome to the game!l
  14. I love the app. Even though I have 2 dedicated GPSs, I use my $9.99 app daily (at the doctors? Pull out your phone for a nearby cache. Out to dinner? Check for caches nearby, etc). I tend to use the app for urban caching and my GPS for larger parks & trails. I love the app because it has satellite maps, you can log onsite & upload pictures, assign Fave points, grab/log trackables. If you decide to "go Premium", you can also load specific lists to target. My favorite app on my phone. Have fun!
  15. We forgot to thank you - my sister used this to create a page for our duck races: http://wikidkriket.com/duckrace.html Thank you very much! Little heartbreaking about our race, though .... 2 of my ducks were picked up asap and, within a week, were within 30 miles from the final. Then they were stolen (Cache owner marked a ton of TB's missing because the container was muggled).
  16. If you want to see cool Stats, try project-Gc.com So much easier to create stats and do some limited functionality than on GSAK
  17. This is so cool! I had never heard of this. I kinda had a similar experience... At a sizable event with 45 newly releasd caches and let another cacher sign a log before me so he wouldn't be separated from his group. He stepped away and, while I was signing the log myself, he slipped back & dropped a coin in my pack (my sister saw him do it). Awesome!
  18. This is so cool! I've never heard of this!
  19. Also, I wanted to bring your attention to another fun thread More Good News This one shares great resurrection stories about TB's that made miraculous reappearances!
  20. The loss of a travel bug or geocoin has become part of our caching lives. It's heartbreaking and the forum is full of these stories. However, talking to my brother today (Papa Tree of 3inaTree), he told me about a trackable in his possession that made me smile. About a month ago, i gave him a 2010 Ford Shelby http://coord.info/TB3ENQJ to take to work with him. The Shelby's mission was to visit Dearborn, MI and have pictures taken of it in the Ford world. Typical of my family, Tree went above and beyond! You can click on the TB's link to see the pictures of the TB touring Dearborn. I got to thinking... Surely others have gone "above and beyond" to complete a mission or brighten a TB owner's day? At the same time that Tree was taking Shelby around Dearborn, I was taking Rufus around Detroit! http://coord.info/TB55PG7 Rufus came to me as part of a TB exchange from Germany. Although his stay was short, Rufus enjoyed a grand tour of Detroit http://scrapcat-scraps.blogspot.com/2013/03/rufus-came-to-detroit.html and the Detroit Zoological Gardens http://scrapcat-scraps.blogspot.com/2013/03/rufus-at-zoo.html What about you? Ever gone above and beyond? Any stories or pictures to share? Ever help a TB complete its mission? I'd really like to see a positive thread develop from this post. Happy caching!
  21. I wouldn't, and I don't think Virtual logging is allowed. The only time I've ever logged a trackable not in my hands occurred when a friend was written up in a local newspaper & he was wearing his trackable hat! All his caching buddies logged it so we could congratulate him on his minutes of fame.
  22. No, unfortunately. The only virtual caches are grandfathered in - you can't create new ones.
  23. Congrats! Nothing like pure joy in the hobby, eh? Thank you for sharing a positive story with us!
  24. If you need any released in the US, I live near Detroit, Michigan and have moved several mailed TB's along already.
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