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  1. place a tb in there and then wait in hiding near the cache till the person comes - then -- well do what you think is best....
  2. I have the same problem - they emailed me saying they picked up my TB by accident and then said they would move it along --- that was three months ago.. They have not log anymore caches nor is their an email I can contact so I can remind them.. What am I to do??
  3. You are going to love this new hobby - I must warn you it is very addictive. I very new at it also and I am loving it.
  4. I am planning a trip to Indonesia this fall with a stop in Tapia for the main purpose to find a cache or two. In last April I went to Mexico to Geo cache also - was so sadden that my profile does not show any souvenirs for this country. I also did a road trip to the USA to cache.
  5. I think it was a good report - a fun read and I would love people to write like this in my caches. Well done.
  6. Often the direction arrow is pointing the wrong direction. Some times I must follow it and other times I know to go the opposite direction - this is so confusing. Must trust the count down of distance to the cache
  7. I have been told by a couple of friends that I need to calibrate my hand held GPS. I bought a Magellan Explorist 310 in February - at times it cause me so much frustration. Eventually I would like to up grade but at this time it is not in my budget so I must make do with what I have. - I can be emailed direct at marquettemarty@gmail.com
  8. I would say it is an honor - flattery. but in the same close area - well that is odd - but to copy in a different part of the city or even another city - awesome. Where I live - we could use some creativity - give more excitement then just finding a Tupperware in the woods using a billion dollar satellite.
  9. I traveled to Mexico last week - enjoyed my vacation - however I was disappointed on not receiving a Mexican Souvenir on my profile page. I purposefully went searching so I would have a souvenir. It is a small matter - but still to see the souvenir on my profile would encourage me to keep searching as I travel. Please make souvenirs for countries that have caches ....
  10. As a owner of TB - I would be happy if you took as many as you want and move them to another -- regardless of the mission - just to keep them moving. Would prefer to go in the direction of the mission though.
  11. What is so special about a FTF ? I have found a couple - but I do not go searching for them - so I am just wondering why? I notice that certain people do make an extreme attempt to be FTF. Why ? Why?
  12. One more question. I have adopted two caches - I really do not like their names - am I able to change the names to something I like?
  13. I was wondering if it is Ok to go pick up your own TB to move it to a more popular cache. My TB was picked up and taken to an out of the way cache - I want it to travel across Canada going east and it ended up going NW. So if I go the cache and take it myself is that considered bad form?
  14. if the cache is missing and is now archived - I want to place a new cache in its place - it is part of a loop trail that has several caches along the route. Having this one missing is a big shame - I can easily maintain and place a new cache - but the how to go about it- contacting land manager etc seems baffling to me. It would just be easier to take over the existing cache.
  15. I would prefer a handmade/ homemade trade item. I see so much junk in the caches I am finding. I normally just sign the log book now, however if I do take something - or if it was a good cache I will trade or just drop in some coins I have left over from my travels in Indonesia. Speaking of which is that a good idea to drop money from other countries??? I will be traveling to Mexico in April and plan on bring small coins back with me to drop in caches...
  16. How do you adopt? I know of a couple of caches that I wouldn't mind taking over and the owner has moved far away - I would be willing to take over and maintain these...( and they need it) ... if the owner chooses let me.
  17. I am new at this so I hope I did nothing wrong. I bought five TB's and have sent two on missions by placing them in local caches and two are still with me waiting. I will be going to Mexico in April so I want to drop one there if possible. I have one that I want to travel in the USA - But that is not my question - sorry - I have mailed one to a friend in Korea. I want it to travel back to Canada. I logged it dropped and then found in a cache here in my local area and then mailed it to Korea. I want to count distance traveled. When my friend receives it he will release it in a cache -- how will he log it since he never found it in a cache here in Canada and I am the last one seen with it? What happens next? -- If I want to send another TB to friends in other parts of the world so I can watch the travels what is the best way to do so. I have many friends that live overseas - and I think it would be interesting to send TB to them and see how long it takes to get home again. MartyMarquette
  18. Hello I am new to Geocaching. I bought Magellan explorist 310 on February 9th and to this date have found 40 caches. I just love this sport. So frustrating at times when the cache is not where the coordinates say or the GPS is bouncing around like crazy. Telling me I have arrived - then telling me to go another direction after I hit ground zero. And what is it with people who give the worst hints - like a look for a lone tree and a log while I am standing in the middle of a forest. Nevertheless I have found some good caches and I am pleased.
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