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Abseiling and Climbing

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I've seen a number of caches in the high terrain bracket that I would love to try such as these (GC23YZX,GC23Z06,GC23Z0B,GC2Y9WW) and would love to have a go at this type of cache but I don't know where to get the climbing/abseiling gear and where to get lessons as to how to use it when I have it. Can you just buy the stuff, have a quick lesson then head out on your own or does it take a number of years to get good enough to do this sort of thing? It's just that 'normal' people (ie not professional climbers) seem to be doing this so it looks like something that could be achieved fairly quickly. Has anyone got any ideas how to get started on this? I'm in the South Hampshire area.


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Abseiling is actually quite simple and safe but you do hear of abseiling accidents happening due to people making basic mistakes. I'd advise getting someone to show you the ropes (excuse the pun) rather than trying to teach yourself. A good outdoors store will be able to supply everything you need, try contacting your local indoor climbing centres, they will probably give lessons on climbing and possibly abseiling too. If you've learned how to "top rope" at an indoor wall then you will have alot of the knowledge needed for abseiling.

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When I started climbing I simply borrowed a book from a local library, borrowed the gear, and went on from there. Within two years I'd led some of the biggest, hardest and most famous climbs in Britain (and abseiled back down some of them!). And that was before the days of climbing walls and sticky boots.


You don't actually NEED a course of lessons, but the best thing to do if you can afford it is to hire a professional mountain guide for the day and ask him to concentrate on introductory rope skills. He'll also advise you what to buy.


If you don't want to do that, then contact a local climbing club, or find a local climbing wall and go down there and ask.

Or ask on the excellent UK Climbing forum, where you'll quickly be offered all sorts of advice. The whole climbing world is on there, and it's a lot more lively than this forum!


Lastly, please note that of all the climbing skills, abseiling is one of the most dangerous: perhaps even more dangerous than soloing (where you climb on your own with no rope). So be careful.

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plenty of climbing centres out there that run courses on climbing. Take a look at Single Rope Technique (SRT) too.


BUT I'd sggest you take up a hobby where such equiptment is used often that way you have not spent money on somthing you only use a few times a year. Simply put, take up caving and mine exploring.

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Have you tried Calshot Activity Centre - they have climbing lessons. I have a question for you again! I picked up a climbing geocoin up a tree this weekend how can I find another climbing cache to put it in? Is there a list somewhere? It was my second tree climb in 24 hours - I loved it!

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