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Maps on cache page

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When looking at caches on geocaching.com, the maps quit showing up, and I cannot de-crypt the clues anymore either.Anybody else having this problem?


You're using Internet Explorer? Probably. There are settings you can change. I suggest changing to Firefox instead. Your problem should be solved. This has been a problem since the site update on Wednesday. A Groundspeak representative and knowledgeable forum members have been advising affected users on pretty much an individual basis. That could take a long time. So the choice is to figure out the IE problem setting or start using something that just works.


I believe the IE problem is related to COMPATIBILITY MODE.

Do a search on that or: Try Something Better

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I have firefox but it runs so slow! So I like using what is on my computer. But its broke now. No maps, can't decrypt, can't add corrected coords. And I'm not computer savvy to know what to do to fix it. If I was computer savvy, I'd be able to figure out why geocaching runs so slow on firefox. Bummer, wish I had a computer smart person to help me.

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I've had the same problem as well. I thought it was our computer :unsure:


To those who pointed out that other browsers are available, we have them installed too, but we sort of like IE. there, I said it.

For folks using Internet Explorer, this has worked for several people (copied from my post in the Release Notes forum):


If the Tools menu isn't displayed at the top of the Internet Explorer window, press the Alt key to see the menus.


In the Tools menu, select Compatibility View Settings. It's about halfway down the list, at least on my copy of the program.


Remove geocaching.com from the list of "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" if it's in the list, and uncheck the box for Display all websites in Compatibility View if it's checked.


Hope this helps!



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