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In March 2007 I started producing a bundle of text files of all Waymarking Categories. So in the field I could remind myself of what is needed to log or create a new Waymark. GPSr in view was always a bu@@## bain. There is a link back to the original source Waymark category page.


Years later we have smartphones and Internet access in the field and my bundle of up-to-date text files. Still in the same location. Still downloadable by all. Called categories.zip which can be opened and read by all popular operating systems.


May be of use to fellow Waymarkers.


Original thread on read-only old forums.


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Edited link to zip file for CO
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Have changed hosts. Categories.zip now at new server.

Also added new Category, first since March!

This bundle of text files are sorted by country and universal ones which can be used in any country. Can be loaded on to your tablet or smartphone when out of wifi or 3g range to read category descriptions.


quote name='flipflopnick' timestamp='1394451753' post='5359338']

Some recent Categories added to zip archive in first post. Possible use for paperless Waymarking.

Unarchive zip file of text files to a mobile device and search for specific words in the field to see what is needed by Category Managers.



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Yet more. Categories added in May, new Categories before this were added in March.

For some unknown reason North American and African Categories completely omitted. Now included. Still no specific South American categories. Saopaulo1?

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