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Hello there from E. Midlands.

leo sprayer
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Just a polite 'hello' as I can't find a welcome section.

I've just been given a Garmin Dakota 10 for Christmas, & frankly don't have a clue how to stick some O.S. maps onto it.

A more computer savvy friend, Emailed me some mapping stuff but I really am tearing my hair out trying to install it, - if thats what you're supposed to do...

When I plug the Garmin into my laptop via the USB cable, nothing even happens?


Flippin' technology!!!

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Have you purchased the OS maps, or do you just want better mapping than the supplied Base Map?


A good site for help and information -especially related to the UK- is http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk written by one of the UK Reviewers.


A Good FREE OS type map -based on Open Street Map- is by TalkyToaster, who updates on a regular basis, and can be found in this thread here link scroll down to find the latest version.


Feel free to ask any more questions, I'm sure others will be in to help! :)

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Well, after all day trying to suss out how to do it, I finally managed to download one of Toastie's maps, & after it taking nearly half an hour to transfer to my garmin, - I can't now find it it anywhere in the GPS.


GPS now back in it's box, - I'm fed up, - & I'm going outside to throw myself into a snowdrift. :mad:

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Good advice to go to an event and talk to others. Here is a list of events coming up around the country. Look for one that is local to you.





Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com


UK Geocaching Wiki

Geocaching.com Help Center

UK Geocaching Information & Resources website

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eusty: I'll look into enabling, maybe tomorrow, & see what happens.


splendidz: Junction 21 M1, that would be cool.


Graculus: I'll have a look at the events diary.


Thanks all. :)


What I'm trying to achieve, is probably a piece of cake, but being an old git, I need a little help now & then. :D

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Well, I've downloaded a talkytoaster map, it's this one:


It now sits in my downloads folder, & I don't know how to install it.

It said somewhere that I should download zip 7 (or 7 zip) which I have, & I'm no better off.

Can anyone explain simply how to install it? - I've done all the right click malarky to unzip it, but there is no prompt to 'install'. :mad:



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