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Please don't think me too stupid, but I want to know if I have what Waymarking is. I understand that it is not cache, it is a place that is of interest to me and other geocachers So you log a Waymark that you have been there but there is no cache to find Thanks for you help.


Welcome minichilipepper.

Yes, a waymark is a place (or item) of interest that you document with coords, photos, and usually text. You can post a waymark (create and submit one to the category and it will be reviewed by an officer in that category), or you can visit a waymark (go find it, take a photo, and log your visit online). Be careful to read the category requirements for creating and visiting a waymark, since they can vary greatly.


There are well over 1,000 waymark categories-so you can choose which ones interest you and ignore the rest.


Edit: Many people who are not involved in geocaching view waymark pages, and some waymarkers have never geocached. But it is very convenient that your geocaching username/password are the same for Waymarking.


I hope that helps.

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I think perhaps the easiest way to 'see' what is Waymarking is to put your location in on the main Waymarking page and hit 'search.' Hopefully, you will see Waymarks done by others that you can go visit. If you enjoy the 'visit' part, then take a look at the Categories pages (show all categories) and see if there is anything that raises your interest. Art? History? Sports? Click on that category, read how to post a Waymark (show additional information) and go for it.


Easy to find Waymarkable items include public sculpture, murals, wi-fi hotspots, historical markers, cemeteries. These can be found at almost any location. Then all you need is some way to take GPS coordinates (GPS receiver or newer smartphones) and a camera (newer smartphones have a camera but you will soon find the desire for a good zoom on your camera!). Voila! You are becoming addicted to Waymarking!!


There are many experienced Waymarkers who are always happy to help.


Take care and enjoy,


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