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How do you load them


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When you do a query, like "Find Nearest Waymarks" at the bottom of the page their is an option to get a GPX file for all on the page. There are no PQ's, so you have to do one page at a time.


Personally, I don't hunt waymarks the same way I hunt geocaches. I will browse through the waymarks in the area I am going to be. Then when I am doing my normal sightseeing, I will spot something that looks familiar and take a picture. Or, if I see something in my browsing that I don't want to miss, I will look at the map and make a note. There is also a little smart phone URL that will take your current location and plug it into the find nearest waymarks webpage and tell you what is close by.


Many of us enjoy posting waymarks more that physically visiting waymarks. I find that it's like scrapbooking my vacation. You can highlight the little things that caught your eye, and add the research about them so you can share more than just a Flickr set.

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When I click on that link on my iPhone, I get an "Error: Permission Denied." message. Any thoughts?


Thanks Bruce. I had the same problem with yours until I found out I had disabled "Location Services" for Safari (web browser for you non-iPhone users). Not sure which one I like better yet... Will have to tinker with it while I'm out and about.

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