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Item with multiple images


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I'm in the early stages of creating a Wherigo (in Urwigo) that will take the user on a walk through several parks. During the walk they'll enter zones that have certain trees in them and when they do a guide to that tree will displayed in their item inventory. The guide will then be accessible to them for the rest of the cartridge.


I need each guide to have multiple images and several areas of text. I could break each guide down into multiple items (pages) that could have text and one image each but is there an alternative way to do this? An item for each page in each guide will make for a lot of items and managing the cartridge could get unwieldly.


Thanks for any suggestions



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You can change the images and the description of an item at any time you want. Changing commands of an item is possible too by hide/unhide the command you need or not. Don't know if this is it what you mean/want.



Not exactly what I meant but useful to know and I have it working now. Originally I was after a way to have images and text on a single scrollable page, but multiple pages with single image and text on each page might be best

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