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Montana / Glonass ?


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I'm wondering if anyone KNOWS for sure.....based on factually accurate chipset make /type/model/etc.


I know if I call Garmin C. S. I would get an answer about as accurate as if I called the White House.

If it was GLONASS capable it would already be able to receive GLONASS. Importing it into Russia at this time costs extra duties because it is not GLOSNASS capable.

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What are the odds that the Montana can be made Glonass compatible in the future? With software ver change?


Or, is that chipset make/model even capable?


Anyone know?

Considering they had to put a completely new chipset (Teseo II) in the updated eTrex line in order for it to be able to utilize the GLONASS satellites, the chances that the current Montana line can do it with a simple software change are NIL.

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There is NO chance the Montana series can be made GLONASS compatible with firmware upgrade. The current chipset, Tesio II, is the only chipset that can process the GLONASS signal that is mass produced cheaply enough to be commercially available for GPS units. The chip is hindered by slow processing speeds making it unsuitable to implement into a unit with larger screen that requires more processing power for screen redraws. This is why the current eTrex line is painfully slow at screen draws. Until the next generation of chipsets with increased processing power are made available for mass commercial production, nothing with a larger screen than the eTrex will become GLONASS compatible.

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