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Show additional waypoints on map


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When browsing the map, we see all sorts of caches that we can click on. Doing so will show pop-up with minor cache details.


My suggestion: add a button on the pop-up "Show additional waypoints" -- This will temporarely display parking coordinates, adiitional stages POI's etc. right on the map. This would help some get a bearing of where things are, hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult and will be implimented soon!

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Yes, very useful...and yet another thing GSAK already can do.

But, GSAK can only do it with one cache at a time. :(

Right, there are a lot of things that GSAK does the GC.com can and cannot do. Unfortunately, this isn't about GSAK and what it can do. This is a suggestion for GC.com to implement.

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