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There have been no new GEOCAC log files published for the last two months, so no new statistics. At some point, I plan to do a complete archive download just to check that the NGS datasheet retrieval by load date page doesn't have a bug that is preventing new recovery reports from being captured in my monthly process.

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Just pulled up the current DS for my recoveries this summer and they are up to date through the last one found on 19 Sept 2012 and submitted 30 Sept 2012.



That's interesting, because it implies that the retrieval by load data is not working correctly. Unfortunately, the full archives are not updated all at the same time -- it looks like about 3-6 states are updated each day, whatever can get done between about 5-7 AM, and there is no single date when all datasheets are available.

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If you go to the NGS page to download datasheets by load date, you will see that it is broken.


That means that the only way to obtain updated datasheets is by downloading the full archive. Each state's archive is updated on a different date. For instance, as of Oct 6, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, and others had last been updated September 3-8, while several New England and Western states were updated Oct 2-6.


It makes it difficult to get a "fair" monthly snapshot. Some states will be more up to date than others.

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