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Benchmark listed was destroyed. Found replacement but it isn't listed.

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Before I get to the "what should I do?" question, I'd first like a confirmation of what I believe to be true.


I was out scouting locations and just happened to stumble across a benchmark. So as before I took a photograph so I could log it later. It was on the eastern side of the south end of the state highway 49 bridge over Lake Wylie (which was the Catawba River 80 years ago). The benchmark says "niners" and "2003" but otherwise doesn't have any PID or other identification on it so I searched by GPS coordinates. By GPS I found an amazingly close match with PID FA4385. Other than being the closest to my GPS coordinates, the description says "THE STATION IS LOCATED AT THE EAST CORNER OF THE STATE HIGHWAY 49 BRIDGE OVER THE CATAWBA RIVER, NEAR A GUARDRAIL". Sounds like an exact match, right?




But PID FA4385 says it was monumented in 1988 and recovered in 1989 and 1990. The problem is that that bridge was torn down and replaced with a new bridge a few hundred feet parallel in 2003, which would explain why the benchmark I found says 2003. The old bridge was destroyed so I assume the old benchmark was destroyed too.


So it sounds to me like what I found is not PID FA4385 but a new benchmark monumented in 2003 but never listed. Agree?


So now what? Can I log it here on geocaching.com? I don't mind writing to NGS with my find info, but I honestly have no interest in Waymarking.com. If I can't log my find here on geocaching.com, do they ever update the info so that I may be able to after I report it?



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The benchmarks on Geocaching.com are those that were in existence in 2000.

Many benchmarks have been placed (monumented) since then, and are indeed listed in the NGS database.

I look for them, find them, and report my findings to the NGS all the time...even though I can't log them on Geocaching.com.


Your replacement benchmark could easily be listed on the NGS site, and probably is.


Based on history (and recent treatment of the benchmarking activity on the Geocaching site) most of us benchmark hunters are completely convinced the Geocaching database will never be updated.


Lucky for us this forum is still available! B)

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I've just run into the same issue. The June 23rd 2017 log for Benchmark PF0951 says it was destroyed...




...and it says the nearby "Reset" disc DP4904 is not in the Groundspeak database. This DP4904 is the benchmark I recently visited and photographed, and I want to log it!!! But I can't???


This bites!!! :-(

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