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Distance between two points?

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I am a relative newbie - I've been caching since January - and I am getting ready to hide my first cache. I have found a spot but I want to check and make sure that it is not too close to another cache nearby. Is there any easy way to do this? I have created a map in Google Maps and dropped pins at each location, but now I'm stuck. Does Google calculate distance for you, or is there something else that is easier to use?


Thanks for your time!

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Fill in the cache submit form, DON'T check the "Yes, the cache is in place and ready to be found" box. You then get the cache page and a choice to




...other caches hidden or found by this user

...nearby caches of this type, that I haven't found

...all nearby caches, that I haven't found


Just like any other cache page.


Click "All nearby caches" and they will be listed.

Only parts not shown are finals to Unknown/Puzzle caches and Multi caches, and hidden stages of multicaches..


Only way to find out if they are near is to find them!

Or ask your local reviewer if you are OK to use the coordinates.

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You are only looking at a 528' radius. Just make sure all nearby caches are loaded in your GPSr. When you are at GZ for your hide, look at the closest loaded cache on your GPSr. If it shows .1, you are good to go 99% of the time. If you know the coords for stages of a nearby multi or puzzle final, check those individually.

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