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I don't think there could be a CHALLENGE with that requirement, but there are certainly dozens (or more) CHALLENGE CACHES that require you to have accomplished such a streak.


When properly listed, a challenge cache is an unknown/mystery cache, and has an (?) icon associated with it.

Perhaps someone in your area has a bookmark list of the local challenge caches.

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My wife and I have had found 472 caches and have 102 consecutive days finding a cache. I had heard that there is a challenge connected with the 100 day thing but we haven't done challenges yet. Can someone fill me in?

thank you



By using the search on the Hide & Seek page, I found this one in California:


GC3R4FJ Geostreak 100 COTD Challenge



That was on page 1 of a search for "All Unknown Caches" in California. After page 1, the listings were not limited to the perimeters, and listed all caches in CA.


There's a bookmark list on the cache page for GC3R4FJ and there looks to be another 100 day challenge cache listed there.





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Thank you fellow cachers for the leads. Anjie and I have mostly hunted Traditional caches since we got back into caching this year. We did get a couple Virtuals on our way to and in Las Vegas but we have not started doing puzzles, mystery caches and the other types yet. It was harder than we thought it would be getting a 100 day streak (now at 102)and we are still going.

Thanks for the posts and keep on caching.


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