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  1. True if there is room for the new and the old logs in the container but in the case of a nano and other micro hides it isn't always possible.
  2. Yes, I keep all of my logbooks. I wouldn't want someone taking a full one. I'd want to be notified in the online logs, preferably before the logbook is full. If someone did take the logbook I would want them to put it back so I can retrieve it. If they couldn't put it back I'd like an electronic copy. I wouldn't give anyone I didn't know, my home address in order to mail it or deliver it to me. I like that Idea best. I will take the logs home if they are at all salvageable, scan them and send them to the log owner. If they are soaking wet and mush then there is no point. thanks for the good input folks.
  3. My wife and I have found and repaired many caches. I always carry a backpack with replacement containers of various sizes. No,I don't carry ammo cans. My question is sometimes we find nano's with full logs. Should we throw out the old one when we put the new one in? Sometimes the log is wet and we dry everything out and replace it. Is that ok? Timk54 & Anjie
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    Thank you fellow cachers for the leads. Anjie and I have mostly hunted Traditional caches since we got back into caching this year. We did get a couple Virtuals on our way to and in Las Vegas but we have not started doing puzzles, mystery caches and the other types yet. It was harder than we thought it would be getting a 100 day streak (now at 102)and we are still going. Thanks for the posts and keep on caching. Timk54
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    My wife and I have had found 472 caches and have 102 consecutive days finding a cache. I had heard that there is a challenge connected with the 100 day thing but we haven't done challenges yet. Can someone fill me in? thank you Timk54
  6. I appreciate your response. I guess many of you cache owners that have multiple hides get a lot of emails. Sometimes all I want is to know if the cache is still there. Most of the time I wait until another DNF shows up until I PM the CO. Sometimes I see that someone else found the cache after my DNF. Then I try it again and if I don't find it I PM the CO for a hint.I would appreciate an answer even if it is "The cache is still there, No Hints". Just ignoring the questions from other Geocachers is bad for the Geocaching Community. Every sport or hobby has to continue to encourage new participants or it with wither and die. Just out of curiosity, how fast do you expect a response when you send a cache owner a message? I just got back from a week long trip where internet access was very spotty and unreliable. Among the hundreds of email messages I found when I got back to the U.S. and had a good internet connection was one from someone that DNFd one of my caches a few days ago and asked me to check to see if it's still there. In my case, I was 7300 miles away when the request to "check on the cache to see if it's still there" was made. Yes, it's important for all of us to maintain our caches, but many of us have a life outside geocaching and sometimes that can get in the way of an immediate response to someone that wants to know if a cache is still there. thank you for your response. I know a lot of you cache owners travel and enjoy life beyond geocaching. I sure wish I could. I don't expect an immediate answer to my question regarding a cache that I thing needs Maintenance or may be missing but If I get no response in a month and then no response to a followup message to the cache owner I feel the cache owner is not being responsible. Maybe in their zeal to propogate so many caches some COs lose control of how many they can maintain. I know and appreciate the work a cache owner puts in making their hide special so thank you for that effort. If you are out of town a simple message to a geocacher letting him know you will check it when you get back to the area would be nice. thank you Timk54
  7. I appreciate your response. I guess many of you cache owners that have multiple hides get a lot of emails. Sometimes all I want is to know if the cache is still there. Most of the time I wait until another DNF shows up until I PM the CO. Sometimes I see that someone else found the cache after my DNF. Then I try it again and if I don't find it I PM the CO for a hint.I would appreciate an answer even if it is "The cache is still there, No Hints". Just ignoring the questions from other Geocachers is bad for the Geocaching Community. Every sport or hobby has to continue to encourage new participants or it with wither and die.
  8. I didn't even know what an NA response was. Thanks for the tip. There are quit a few caches in this area that need cleaning up or deactivation. timk54
  9. The pet analogy was probably a bad one but at least it got a response. Love you pet owners for that. As far as caching is concerned I just feel that those who hide the caches should be as enthusiastic about maintaining them as I am about finding them. I have logged DNFs and only one CO answered my request for clarification. His one sentance wasn't really a hint but it mede me rethink the cache and made the light bulb go on. I found the cache the next time I was near that neighborhood. Thank you for your response, Timk54
  10. My wife and I have gotten back into Geocaching after a 5 year layoff. We love caching together and we enjoy putting those smiley faces on the map. We like to work on particular areas and see if we can find all the caches then go on to another area of town. The problem is missing caches. We and others list the DNF and the COs don't seem to respond to the request for maintenance or messages about missing caches. Am I expecting to much from cache owners to expect a response? Isn't owning a cache something like owning a pet. You have it now take care of it. We put out an ammo can on our gold claim in the desert 5 years ago and folks are still finding it. I always respond to their logs. We decided to wait until we hit 300 finds to start putting out caches here in town and with 292 in the record book that will be soon. Believe me, when I post a cache I promise to respond to all questions from cachers and reports of maintenence needed or cache missing will be cause for an immediate inspection. Sorry if if I seem to be to harsh on COs but I think if you are going to own it you should maintain it. Of course, most of the COs out there are responsible and great Geocachers. Thank you goes out to them. How do we deal with the others?
  11. I use an android phone but I will try to cache with the wi-fi off and see if that's a help. thank you for your comment timk54
  12. The biggest Marine Corp. base in the country is ten miles to the west of my location. the cache was near the front of the store and it has a brick facade which another person commented may be the problem with signal bounce. Thanks for your input. timk54
  13. Sometimes my Smart Phone GPS is right on. I use the CGEO free app and I am happy with it. Yesterday the wife and I found 23 caches in a rural area and on most I was within 10 feet of the cache, some as close as 5 to 6 feet. Today I wanted to grab a quick cache near work. It was near the front of a department store. My compass on the same smart phone never got closer than 35 feet and then would swing around and around. I have experienced similar results near those big green electrical boxes where COs hide so many Micros and sometimes near a cell towers. Do structures and electrical equipment cause distortion in the GPS results. Thanks in Advance Timk54
  14. On my android... Clicking on the GPS is the biggest batt drain. That, fringe reception and screen at full power in the sun . Gulp...gulp...gulp!!!! It's fine for off the cuff 3 or 4 caches. But a real cachin outing requires a real gps to ride along with my phone or it just won't make it. I am using the Samsung Stratosphere. I cached for 3 hours in Red Rock Canyon near Vegas before the battery ran out. My wife has a Motorola Droid X The extended life battery works about the same amount of time as my Samsung. We carry car chargers and keep them plugged in when in the car. Bright sunlight is a problem but I shade the unit with my hat or wherever I can get shade.
  15. I also have a garmin etrex vista cx. I haven't used it for 6 years. will a hand held work better to get me closer to the cache? It's that now that I have used CGEO with my android it is so easy.
  16. How close are we talking? If it's happening within about 30 feet of the cache, then it's pretty normal for any GPS device. It's just the position being reported by your GPS that's bouncing around due to reception conditions, satellite contellation positions, etc. Since your "position" is moving around relative to the cache coordinates, the compass direction will keep changing. If this is happening hundreds of feet away, then there may be a problem with your device. I'm not familiar with Android devices, but maybe there's a way to recalibrate the compass. The compass mode gets me to 30 feet and sometimes closer then gets erratic. I actually had it to 2 feet one time and found the cache.
  17. Hi everyone, It has been a while. We are getting back into Geocahing after a 6 year lay off. It's fun to use my Samsung Stratosphere smart phone to cache but the compass gets erratic when I get close to a cache. Is it a short coming of the smart phone or is there a way to make it more reliable? Thank you Timk54
  18. Do you turn it off? The battery life is only a couple hours. Jim I turn it off and then plug it into the computers usb. the unit turns on to the black background with the Garmin logo. When it is fully charged I unplug it and turn it off again. I have also left it plug in to the usb and turned off the computer for the night. Same thing , no charge in the morning. Thanks Tim K
  19. Hi everyone, I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 750 to help me locate homes so I can preview them for my real estate business. It works great but I have found it totally discharged each morning although it was fully charged when I put it away at night. Whats going on with it? Thank You Tim K
  20. Thanks for the help. The wife and I just took a day trip to Mojave , Ca. and gave the vista Cx equipped with CN8 it's first real workout. The auto routing worked pretty good. There were a couple times that the gpsr wanted me to go in a different direction on a road I wanted to avoid. After a while the recalculate feature worked. We really needed a place to eat breakfast and the POI feature led us to a Denny's. The gpsr told me Dennys was on the left side of the street but it was clearly on the right side. It still saved us a lot of driving around time hunting for a place to eat. Thanks again Timk54
  21. Thank you for the help I think I'm getting it now. I guess I can do the same thing on my handheld map screen with the CN8 map loaded. I will have to play with this Thanks timk54
  22. I have the Vista CX with CN8. Does it allow for address to adress routing?
  23. I have mostly informed myself on the hand held devices since purchasing my first GPS last march. I'm now thinking about buying an automotive type GPS. that I would move from vehicle to vehicle.. Can someone fill me in on the various models available and what the differences are in them. There seems to be a lot of choises. I need a large screen because my vision isnt good enough to see the little screen on my Vista Cx while I'm driving. I like the idea of voice promped directions. What do I need to know.? Timk54
  24. I like the Garmin Vista CX. GPSNoW has it for $349.00 Then you get a $50 rebate. It has the electronic compass so you can track yourself on your canoe trips. It has a memory slot. Garmin says you can use up to a 1 gig transflash in it. You can store US topo maps and City Navigator maps on it. I put the So Cal deserts topo maps on it as well as City Navigator California , Arizona, and Nevada maps. I think it was about 200 MB. At the end of your trip you can call your friends with the LAT / LONGITUDE position and they can autoroute to you with no problem. Dont fret wth waterproof thing use a dry bag if you really want to keep your phone camera and GPSr dry. Get the best unit you can ,color screen, expandabl e memory and such. You wont be sorry. In that respect most would say get the 60csx It's a great unit with the best satillite reception in the garmin line. the screen is bigger if your eyesite is less than perfect. It is out of your stated price range It will cost you $399 but does have the $50 rebate. Buy the software later after you figure out what you need. Hope this infor helps timk54
  25. I just saw an FAQ on the Garmin website that states"1 gigabyte is the largest memory chip that will work on a Garmin X unit at this time? Are they wrong?
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