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Best Waterproof containers

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I have geocache that I am looking to change it up so that cachers will need to wade into water to find it. I would like to actually submerse it into the water, but I am having trouble finding a water proof container. everyone I see says that it is not designed to be submerged for long periods of time.

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If you're willing to spend the money, the best source of containers meant to stay dry underwater is scuba gear. Underwater camera cases, battery canisters, and other kinds of UW housings. I have a couple of old underwater camera battery canisters in use as caches and one old dive light (broken switch, no good as light, but a great UW cache container). New, these items are way too expensive - but you might come up with older stuff if you keep an eye out for it.


The other, far easier route, is to not waterproof the container at all. Instead, put holes in it, and let it be full of water, and neutrally buoyant. You can buy a dive slate for a logbook - this works fine submerged, takes pencil and is not pricey. Google dive slate, you'll find 'em.



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You might also check outdoor stores for waterproof containers. I have a few in different sized that I take kayaking... including one for my lunch, one for my wallet and keys, and a bigger one for my camera. They're waterproof and should I lose one, they float. (you'd have to weight it down somehow...)


Also, check large dept stores like walmart or target... I think I got some of mine from there pretty reasonably.

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Been kind of bus so I haven't had much time to reply . I will look at the dive slate. However, all the kayaking boxes and boxes I have seen at department stores, they are not designed to be submerged for long periods of time. At least that is what the packaging says. I will try to get out to dick's sporting goods this weekend b/c they will have a better variety then some of the other stores.

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