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I submitted for review a cache. I went into the trackable I placed in the cache and I think I sent it someplace that I hope to get it back. I clicked on "their inventory" and don't know what their inventory is. The cache isn't published yet, so thought I would get ahead of the game and have it listed in that cache. How do I get it from "their inventory" and back to me as the owner so I can 'drop' it into the cache i have submitted for review? thanks for the help.

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If you have the tracking code for the TB then you can go to the TB page and retrieve it from wherever it is listed. Use the "Found it? Log it!" link and write a note that you are just fixing an incorrect drop. Then the trackable will be back in your hands (virtually anyway) and you can the log it into your cache.

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The only thing I see moved is two geocoins picked up by the same cacher. One logged as retrieved, the other not logged at all, although he says he took it.


Methinks if it involves either of those, you should contact him and "help" him with his logging. Maybe that way too, you can get it back.

The one of those two (may not be the ones in question) appears to be an FTF prize, which would not normally be activated yet.

That could be why it's not logged in any case. It may be activated to the finder by now, didn't check yet!


Edit: Forget all that, seems to be different than last night!


Doug 7rxc

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