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Storing CompletionCode for later retieval?


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My first Wherigo cartridge is working in the emulator and on my Motorola Droid. When the cartridge completes, I display a message to the user showing them the CompletionCode. I also write that CompletionCode into the description of a "Completion Code" item I created and add it to the player's inventory. In the cartridge code, right after I write the CompletionCode into the item description, I automatically save the completed cartridge for the user, hoping that they would be able to run the cartridge again later at home, restore the saved game, and be able to check the CompletionCode in the item in their inventory.


The problem I'm having is that the Completion Code item's description is blank when the saved game is reloaded. I've checked it at the end of the game, and the code is there, but when it's reloaded it's gone. The Completion Code item I created is present in the inventory, but the description is blank.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how to get the code to stick with the item after the cartridge is closed and re-opened?


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Does onResume work? I get onStart to work, but onResume does not fire on iPhone and don't think I have got it to work on Garmin. Works on Emulator (of course) but that doesn't help much.


There are workarounds to onResume to do the same idea but they are much more clunky.. just curious if onResume (and onSave and onExit for that matter) work on all players. Only one I have had luck with is onStart.


Until I'm able to play around with this issue, I can suggest a workaround: use the cartridge's start and resume events to set the item's description.

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I use the resume event to prevent, that the player plays in emulator, store a level, go outside, load the level and then plays to finish the Wherigo. If the game is saved in emulator a variable "SavedInEmu" is set to true. On event onResume I check this and in case the variable is true, I give out an error message. On garmin oregon these works.

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