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Statistics about my hidden caches

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I've seen a few people that have extensive statistics about their finds in their profile page. I've hidden 15 caches (on another account) that I wanted to post statistics about, for example total number of finds, favorite % and stuff like that. Is there a program that does that and puts it on my profile?

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Does GSAK work on mac? How do I get over the learning curve?

On a Mac...

Simple answer - No.



It is possible to get it to work, if you have an Intel Mac, and use Parrallels, Boot Camp, or similar virtual windoze OS...


Edit to add.

MacDefender used to be good on a Mac.



Seems to be in German these days... :unsure:

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GSAK seems to be the only program that will get what you want done. I just dont like the steep learning curve of GSAK. I finally got a hang of it but it took me a while and now I love it but I didnt when I first started out.


I do keep track of my statistics of my hidden caches. I just dont post them on my profile page.

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