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Arriving Saturday, June 30th, 2012


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Chris is the special coin available with out the book ?

Because I saw to late there whas a book and a coin.


The coin/book combo is a special promotion through geocoinstore.com so it is not available from Groundspeak. Some of the retailers are each doing their own special promotional pieces to go with the book. There are a couple really exciting ones coming up soon, too ;)

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I'm through and I learned sooooo much! Great book, congratulation Chris!!!!


Now I need more more more!!!!!!


When will be Volume 2 the first time discovered?


Thank you so much! I don't know exactly when V2 will be ready, but hopefully in the spring. I've compiled quite a bit of info and begun writing, shooting and editing, but I've suddenly become VERY busy with my business and a number of geo-design projects at the same time.

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To all who ordered from GeoSurvivalGear.com, you should have received an email with a special offer for the complement to Chris' book that he worked with me on. Well actually, he did the design, I just had the idea. rolleyes.gif


Anyone can now have their LE trackable book code printed on the matching shirt. You can see the two choice colors below, Texas Orange or Chocolate Brown. There is also now a Book/Shirt Combination package available. Just go to our website for more details.






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