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  1. GeoStuff (http://shop.geostuff.com.au/) is the one that I tend to use.
  2. GC2HP5Y | Kuang Si Waterfalls in Laos is a pretty nice earth cache (so no logs to sign etc). It was back in Dec 2012 I found it but recent logs to the cache look like it's still popular.
  3. You mean like going to http://www.geocaching.com/map/ and hitting print? Or is that not what you mean?
  4. I accidentally got the 12-12-12 one as the app goes on WA time, not local timezones (the souvenir doesn't go away if you correct the date away from it). Bring on a change to the calendar so I can snag a 13-13-13 (but wait until it will fall on a friday).
  5. I didn't think that things that attracted animals were meant to be left in caches. From what I've seen in movies, raccoons are hyper enough as it is.
  6. My copy finally arrived from some overseas relatives. Time to dig in methinks.
  7. It may be obvious, but are there actually any caches in the areas not south of you? The postal code/coordinates suggestion above is probably a good bet too.
  8. My guess is that it's something to do with diving or submarines.... some possibilities.... 240 years since the first compressed air diving dress185 years since an air cylinder fed diving helmet 185 since helmet fed by air cylinders 175 since standard diving dress 150 since Alligator (first US Navy Submarine) 130 years since first anthropomorphic diving suit 105 since Ubootretter 100 years since US Navy adoption of decompression tables by Haldane, Boycott and Damant. 95 since Mk V helmet 75 since US Navy revised dive tables, AND desco heavy bottom walking suit 70 since GC42 65 since first aqualung death 60 since first wetsuit 60 since coining of term SCUBA 54 since first nuclear powered submarine made a submerged transit of the arctic 50 since worlds first aquanaut 45 sealab was underway (a few years into it) 15 years since the (movie) of titanic
  9. I guess this coin won't be fitting in a peppermint tin.
  10. I can only find references to it, not the actual EULA.
  11. A question on etiquette for trackable visiting. Say you have some Travel Bugs (or coins) in your pocket and find some caches. Should you physically take them out of your pocket, put them in the cache, let go of them, pick them out of the cache again, and return them to your pocket to mark them "visited", or is it ok to just leave them in your pocket the whole time and still mark them visited (assuming you find the cache and sign the log)? Does this also apply for micros/nanos etc where there is clearly no room to place a TB?
  12. There's a "may require wading" attribute . That'd help for your situation. But a general "sturdy walking foot ware" type thing could be useful.
  13. Just to clarify, is each of a user's multiple guesses counted separately, or does the most recent supersede the old ones?
  14. There's a local cache where the cache container is a (fake) human skull
  15. So which are the parents? Which are the children? And which is the strange cousin that people don't talk about?
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