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  1. Almost everything... Completely agree, just curious if any topic design stands out more than other. Maybe my question should have been ..... what would you NOT like to see on a new coin? What topics are too much and seem to be overtaking designs? LOL!
  2. I'm not looking to steal ideas or "proceeding from other's". I have my own idea. I am looking for general topics of interest in the community that the community likes to see on coins that could be considered for use in my design. I do not have anything on paper drawn and I am certainly no Chris Mackey, but thoughts in my head are pretty good. Heck, it may never even go further than my mind. Again, just trying to see what the community likes to see on coins.
  3. Not sure how much more clear my question could be. I am just looking for what the community likes to see more in a geocoin, what types of coins are more desirable than others, etc.? Do they have a certain topic? Do they prefer unique shapes, etc.? I know the "look" that I am thinking of creating, but the topic or main "character" or "focus" of the coin can be different.
  4. I've been thinking about creating a series of coins that actually has an endless limit of topic possibilities for the design. At least I think it does at this early stage. I would like some input though from the community. What "topic" on a coin do you think is most desired or sought after by the geocaching community? (for example, we've seen dragons, geocaching symbols, Celtic designs, Signal the frog, pirates, etc.) What "topic" do you think should be on a coin that hasn't been or at least you haven't seen one? (fruit, weather patterns, cutlery, etc.) Just hoping to get some ideas in the early stages. Thanks, H5
  5. Have heard about these for a while now. Never seen one in person yet though. There is a website for them <removed by moderator>. Basically a new twist on a trackable item.
  6. You might want to consider picking up one of these books from a very well known and respected geocoin designer, Chris Mackey. He wrote this book specifically for people who want to learn tricks and tips on designing their own coin. This is the trackable version of the book, but there is a non-trackable version as well on the same site.
  7. There is an "Add to Calendar" link already on event pages, just underneath the event name: Did not notice that link before. Thanks. Would be nice to have the email reminder too though. :-)
  8. If an email reminder is not possible and would not be considered as sort of suggested already, what about an "Add to Calendar" feature to where it could be linked to our calendar whether in google or elsewhere?
  9. So basically it sounds like you are wanting to create a different version of the same coin. Same front, different back. As far as I know and from experience, as long as you own the rights to the current icon image, you can use that icon on future coins of any design really. Our local club uses the same icon for our different year geocoin we produce. Not sure what you mean by "registration fee" unless you are talking about associating a current icon with an updated coin design. Again, as far as I understand, there isn't a fee for associating a current icon in use with your coin as long as you own the rights to use that icon. Others who know more or better about this will point out my mistakes if I'm wrong.
  10. I completely agree with and understand what you are saying about encouraging good maintenance. There is always a need for that, but wouldn't the addition be more of a positive aspect in that the cache owner would see and be more aware of the option to adopt a cache to someone who would take more care and maintain the cache better. I would venture to say that there are a lot of people who don't even know about the possibility of adopting over a cache (or trackable for that matter). Making it difficult to find the adoption process would seem (to me) to make it a quick archive or "just forget about it" mentality to the owner rather than letting the cache stay in play with someone who WOULD maintain it. I would even go so far as to say that adding the feature would possibly save more caches from become "geo-trash" from those that abandon them instead of adopting them over. JMHO.
  11. I would like to suggest adding a new sidebar feature on the "Your Profile" page. It would be nice to have a new boxed section on the sidebar with either a link to the adoption page or better yet, add a text box for GC code or Reference number entry with a button click to the second step of adding the the username in which the adoption is being sent. This would be tremendously helpful instead of trying to find the initial link some other way. This should be a fairly easy code to insert. Right? Thoughts on this?
  12. This would, however, implicate the renter as a thief, but charges could be dropped if the coins were returned to the original owners.
  13. If the owner of the coins is not the renter, then the owners should file a report with police as their coins being stolen. This would insure they hasn't to be returned and the buyer would have to turn them over and be out the money they paid for them.
  14. Do you have any sample pictures of your work? Would love to see what you have done.
  15. Send me an email to contact@geosurvivalgear.com with your address and I will send you a few things as well.
  16. To all who ordered from GeoSurvivalGear.com, you should have received an email with a special offer for the complement to Chris' book that he worked with me on. Well actually, he did the design, I just had the idea. Anyone can now have their LE trackable book code printed on the matching shirt. You can see the two choice colors below, Texas Orange or Chocolate Brown. There is also now a Book/Shirt Combination package available. Just go to our website for more details.
  17. Hey folks, just wanted to drop in and let you know we have a few of these books left. We ship internationally as well. Head on over to GeoSurvivalGear.com to get yours before they are gone. Also, we have been working with Chris on a special item related to this book. Another "Mackey Designed" customized trackable item. Stay tuned.
  18. Oh WOW! I remember this conversation from way back when. These turned out awesome and the detail is great! Email on the way.
  19. To all those who ordered from GeoSurvivalGear, Thank you. All packages/orders have been shipped. If you haven't yet, you should be receiving your shipment notice by email shortly. If you don't receive one, please let us know.
  20. Thank you to all for the confidence in my store. We try to give you the best pricing for shipping possible, US and International. We will begin to ship these out on July 6th or as soon as we receive the shipment from Chris, which were mailed out yesterday.
  21. Just ordered one and realy looking forward to see it in hands. It can be discoverdat my birthday event Thank you for the international service. Thank you JackHoe. We received your order. Shipments will begin on or about 7/6/12.
  22. GeoSurvivalGear has them ready to go. Published and selling. Shipping to US and International available.
  23. Yeah that's possible, but a home screen button would be much simple. :-) Plus Premium Members can't create PQs, so that wouldn't work for those who are not PMs, but have the app.
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