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How do you search caches by the amount of favorite points?

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The way I do it is by searching from the Advanced Search page.


e.g. You can do a search for all caches within New York state: NY State list


The column with the blue rosette shows the number of Favorite points awarded - If you click on that blue rosette it will sort the list to show the caches with most Favorites at the top: Top Favorites.



MrsB :)

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Eventually, maybe someday they might possibly make it an option to include favorite points as a PQ parameter. :unsure:

I heard a rumor that someone said there was a chance they could be thinking about it...wouldn't that be a great idea! :o


As it is, after searching for those well-favorited caches you will have to either put them on a bookmark list (and make a PQ out of that), or download each .gpx file separately (manual drudgery either way).

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