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Problem viewing Earthcache dot org?


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It's working right now. Most of the time it works, but every now and then there seems to be a problem. On one of my earthcaches (Gypsum Dreamland Earthcache, GC1DZ98), I have a section near the bottom that promotes earthcaches. It used to have images that were displayed from the earthcache dot org website. Every now and then the section would come up blank. I thought the problem was with tinyurl dot com because all of the images were referenced through a tinyurl dot com shortened link to the images and pages on earthcache dot org. Thinking that the problem was with tinyurl, I was going to replace the tinyurl references with links that went directly to the earthcache dot org website. That's when I discovered that the problem was with earthcache dot org, not with tinyurl dot com. I couldn't get the earthcache website to load at all. However, after a few hours, all looked fine, and earthcache dot org was accessible. This problem happens about once every three or four weeks, something like that. It happens enough that I removed the tinyurl references on my profile page; I changed the html calls that referenced images from the earthcache dot org website to instead use images from geocaching dot com. The links still have redirects that take people to earthcache dot org, but now, if earthcache dot org is down, at least the images will look fine so people can tell what they are supposed to be able to do.


Thanks for asking.


P.S. Thanks Sandy for the Lackey X-ing tb at the grand opening of the GPS Adventures Maze in Wichita, Kansas.

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