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  1. It also includes these for Australia. New South Wales, Australia http://bit.ly/geonewsouthwales Victoria, Australia http://bit.ly/geovictoria Queensland, Australia http://bit.ly/geoqueensland South Australia, Australia http://bit.ly/geosouthaustralia Western Australia, Australia http://bit.ly/geoswesternaustralia Tasmania, Australia http://bit.ly/geotasmania Northern Territory, Australia http://bit.ly/geonorthernterritory Australian Capital Territory, Australia http://bit.ly/geoaustraliancapitalterritory
  2. Looking for caching events and new cache releases in your area? Try entering something like this for ANY state in the United States. http://bit.ly/geokansas http://bit.ly/geoalaska http://bit.ly/geoalabama http://bit.ly/geowashington http://bit.ly/geodc http://bit.ly/geowestvirginia http://bit.ly/geowyoming Copy and share with your friends in other U.S. states. "bit" DOT "ly" SLASH "geo " your-state-name.
  3. That's how I would do it, with a Move. Shut off the character, nonactive, nonvisible, all that stuff. Then Move the character to the new zone. Then be sure to turn on the character somewhere in the process. This could work, for example, if you want the character to interact with the narrator, or something like Alice's Cheshire Cat.
  4. Today is March 3, 2015. In two months, on May 3, 2015, Geocachers of Planet Earth will converge to the middle of the United States, a place "in the middle of nowhere" to celebrate 15 years of geocaching. Join us in the festivities at this geocaching event.
  5. Today is March 3, 2015. In two months, on May 3, 2015, Geocachers of Planet Earth will converge to the middle of the United States, a place "in the middle of nowhere" to celebrate 15 years of geocaching with balloon releases, games, music, and other actions of peace, love and good happiness stuff. Join us in the festivities at this geocaching event. GCQRXE.
  6. To Geocachers of Planet Earth: Welcome to Kansas (GCQRXE)
  7. Maybe it sees it like this: return (NorthBankZone.State == "Inside") or (SouthBankZone.State == "Inside") As in, Do return A, or Do B, instead of Do return (A or . Try adding a second opening parenthesis after "return" and a second closing parenthesis before "end". Or change it to follow something like... If northbank.state is inside Then return N Elseif southbank.state is inside Then return S Else it isn't in either bank End
  8. Since you said that you are trying to get rid of the PlayAnywhere attribute, it looks to me like you succeeded, and you have starting coordinates in a parking lot off of Komministergatan next to some ball fields. Congratulations?
  9. I'm not quite sure what your question is. I also can't remember the exact formatting, but you could use something like TotalCount = TotalCount+1 Tom.description=[Tom found ] .. TotalCount .. [ apples.] Does that help at all?
  10. I can play Wherigo cartridges on my S3 without using a PC to transfer a download. I installed three apps for this. First is the obvious, the Whereyougo app to play a compatible cartridge. Not all cartridges are compatible with this player. The second app is OI File Manager. I think the My Files app was preinstalled and would work fine for moving a file to a different folder, or directory. However, the My Files app wouldn't let me change a file extension, only the fule name. The third app is a Firefox browser for my phone. The default browser would only download an HTM file whether I attempted a cartridge download (GWC) or a source file download (GWZ). So the default browser failed. Downloading using the Firefox browser would download the correct file. Attempting a cartridge downliad would bring in a GWC file to the "Downloads" folder in my phone. That's the correct file but not the correct folder location. So I used the OI File Manager app to move (or cut-and-paste, or copy-and-paste) the downloaded cartridge out of the "Downloads" folder and into the "Whereyougo" folder. Once the GWC file was in the Whereyougo folder, the Whereyougo app would see it as a playable cartridge. The OI File Manager app isn't necessary for this. I just tried to change the HTM file extension to a GWC file extension, which was still not a playable cartridge. There may be other phone browsers that will successfully download a GWC file but my default browser failed and Firefox was the first alternative that I tried and it worked. One last tip, make sure your phone has a good charge. Dead phones don't play Wherigo cartridges very well. ~cantuland
  11. Check timers. Use whole seconds only. I once had the hardest time figuring that out. I made a "movie" that changed the image every tenth of a second. It only worked on my Colorado. When I dumbed it down to whole seconds (no decimals), it worked.
  12. Don't "go for the limit." I meant to say, if you want to build for more than 10 zones, "the sky is the limit."
  13. The Garmin Oregon crashes at 10 ACTIVE zones. So in the practice of trying to build something to the weakest link, the custom is to stay less than 10 active zones. People still buy Garmin Oregons. If you want to let people know that your cartridge is not designed to work on an Oregon, go for the limit.
  14. If you make a cartridge that uses altitude, I would suggest using DIFFERENCES in altitude. Some devices use barometric methods to obtain elevation thinking that getting an elevation with gps satellites is not as accurate. I had a device set to get elevations with barometric measurements. I was way up in a jet but the atmospheric pressure was controled. My device said that I was traveling 700 miles an hour and 500 feet below the surface of the ground.
  15. There is a published geocaching event for a mass building of Wherigos over a weekend in northwest Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Check out the event: GC4578D.
  16. I have a Wherigo called Geocacheotopia. In that program there are 9 coins. In the code establishment of the coins, they each have their own object variable names - Coin1, Coin2, Coin3 - something like that. But the names that the player sees, those are all the same. So the player sees that there are "coins" all over the place. During collection of the various coins, there is one object that represents the "handful of coins." The visible name of this object changes as the coins are collected. So instead of having an inventory of 6 different coins, the player has an inventory of only ONE object with a visible name of something like "6 Wherigo Geocoins".
  17. On a Garmin Oregon, 10 zones are okay. 11 active zones is death.
  18. This is something that I have inside my Wherigo. I'm not sure how you are to put it inside yours. cartGeocacheotopia.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB1 = function(action) --Check for GPS signal. If good, move on. --If not, Turtle will say that they need a better signal from the heavens above, so restart the cartridge. uv = Env.DeviceID wx = Player.ObjectLocation.altitude:GetValue(ft) yz = Player.PositionAccuracy:GetValue(ft) if ((Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(uv,"DeskTop")) or (wx < 3) or (yz <= 3) or (yz > 150)) and (testmode < 1) then --if Turtle does not allow Player to go on, then CB10 Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[You are looking for GEOCACHEOTOPIA; I know this.]],Media=zmediaturtle,Buttons={"Wow! You're good.",},Callback=cartGeocacheotopia.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB10} else --else Turtle lets them pass Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[You are looking for GEOCACHEOTOPIA; I know this. I think you are finally ready.]],Media=zmediaturtle,Buttons={"Wow! You're good.",},Callback=cartGeocacheotopia.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB2} end --if end --CB1 cartGeocacheotopia.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB10 = function(action) --Tell Player to restart and try again. Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[unfortunately, your ability to communicate with the GPS heavens above is not quite adequate at the moment. Go get a good signal and restart this Wherigo cartridge. We will continue then.]],Media=zmediaturtle,Buttons={"I'll be back.",},Callback=cartGeocacheotopia.MsgBoxCBFuncs.MsgBoxCB11} end --CB10
  19. The media in your part of the country seems to have issues with getting their facts straight. Apparently she never took the 3 seconds it takes to put the URL in a web browser or she would have seen that geocachers.com is a placeholder URL with nothing there but advertizements. It was a recorded interview and I said, "Be sure that you spell it right. G-E-O (pause) C-A-C-H (pause) I-N-G dot com," and it still didn't come out right. *shake my head*
  20. I have sort of good news from the TWMA. It started with the news clip from Channel 3 where Ray Garcia announced something that someone else told him, but that last part didn't make it in the news and he started getting angry emails. http://wreg.com/2012/07/16/missing-men-found-alive-in-fayette-county/ Then the link was on Jeremy Irish's facebook page and the news spread like wildfire. I got involved then. I was one of the flood that also sent more angry emails to Ray Garcia. As some of the posts have indicated, Ray Garcia was trying to tell the caching community that the statement didn't come from his office. I wanted to know more. I sent more emails inquiring about it. Ray Garcia asked me to talk to Lindsey Brown about the issue to help get the flood of emails rerouted. Then came the news from Channel 5. We cachers know that it is not geocachERS.com and I am not THE spokesman, nor am I THE geocacher. I'm just the guy who kept bugging people. http://www.wmctv.com/story/19049662/sheriffs-office-versus-geocaching#.UAaWkez218c.facebook I called the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. We spoke and exchanged emails about the matter. This is their official statement... I am the West Tennessee (Region 1) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) supervisor over the wildlife programs, including Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). TWRA does not specifically prohibit geocaching on our WMAs, however there are certain times of the year when only permitted hunters are allowed on the WMA, such as quota deer and turkey hunts. It would be a good idea if those putting out geocaches would give the WMA manager a courtesy call, so the manager will be able to advise the geocacher of certain restrictions. Our TWRA WMA rules state: Rule 1660-01-14-.13 (K) The following shall apply to abandoned and unattended property: 1. Abandonment of any vehicle or other personal property is prohibited and such property may be impounded by the Area Manager or an authorized person. 2. Leaving any vehicle or other personal property unattended for longer than 24 hours, without prior permission of the Area manager or other authorized person, is prohibited and any property so left may be impounded by the Area Manager or an authorized person, and may be disposed of according to state procedures. In the event unattended property interferes with a safe and orderly management of the area, it may be impounded at any time. The TWRA hunting seasons and dates, as well as WMA Managers phone numbers and WMA Special Regulations, can be found at www.tnwildlife.org . If I can be of further assistance, please give me a call. Thanks, Jim Jim Hamlington TWRA Region I Wildlife Program Manager 200 Lowell Thomas Drive Jackson, Tn. 38301 Office 731-423-5730 Cell 731-293-9571 Fax 731-423-6483
  21. I agree with the previous comments. You can have a geocache with your Wherigo, but it should be a new one and it should not be one owned by someone else. You can have a Wherigo that stands on its own and has no geocache attached, such as the gps receiver simulator or a program to do certain calculations. These would not have a geocache with them. OR your Wherigo cartridge from Wherigo dot com will work in conjunction with a geocache on geocaching dot com. If your Wherigo used geocaches owned by others, maintenance issues may result. Your Wherigo would be dependent on circumsstances that you do not control. If your Wherigo helped others to find geocaches owned by others, that would be publishing spoilers. Imagine someone saying, "I don't think I would have found it unless so-and-so's Wherigo told me where to look. You too can get help from NotTheCacheOwner by downloading this cartridge." If you want to make a multistage Wherigo-geocache, let the Wherigo take the player to stages that are unique to the geocaching dot com cache listing. As a Wherigo, the different stages don't have to be physical items since you control what happens when they get to a zone.
  22. I was contacted today, June 18, by a geocacher who attended a World Wide Flash Mob IX event in Germany GC3H4D0, WWFM IX Büdinger Flash Mob(Wasserschlacht). They wanted to know why no one there was awarded a WWFMIX souvenir. I checked out those who attended. No one has a WWFMIX souvenir. I would think that they should have received souvenirs but I don't know why they don't have souvenirs. So I'm posting here. -cantuland
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