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How do I ignore a series of caches?

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There is a series of almost 200 caches here that I would like to ignore until I am ready to tackle them. I know that I can put them on the ignore list one by one. Is there another method of doing it all at once in bulk? I have gsak but rarely use it so if that is how please consider me a newbie with step by step instructions. There are shared bookmark lists so a PQ of these caches is easy to generate. It is just any step after that that I need help with. Many thanks.

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GSAK is your friend. B)

Create a filter that only displays the caches in question (several ways to do that, ask if you need more help).

Once you have ONLY the caches you want to ignore displayed, go to the 'Geocaching.com access' menu and select 'Add to bookmark list'.

A dialog will pop up allowing you to select the list you want to add those caches to.

Select 'Ignore list'.

Then (down below), select the 'all in current filter' option, and then the 'Add' button to commit.

It will take a few moments for 200 caches to be processed, but they will then be on your ignore list.

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Oh darn. I looked for that 'Geocaching.com access' and didn't see it and then read your last post. I rarely use gsak so I have the latest version 7 and not the paid upgrade to 8. Oh well I guess I can do some of them one by one while watching tv. LOL



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Version 7 had a macro to help Bookmark a series of caches in a filter...



You still have to 'click' each cache, but it IS a little quicker.


That;'s good to know!!


Several people had this series in a public bookmark list so I did a PQ from one of those. I guess I will do the clicking from their list.


Thanks for the help!

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I have tried again a nice and free application GeoGet and it can be also used to add cache series into your ignore list.


An existing bookmark can help you:

  1. Database / Import / Import bookmark / Another user... / Choose a powertrail bookmark
  2. Mark all / Points / Add to bookmark / Ignore list

To remove cache series from ignore list I have used these steps:

  1. Load the complete ignore list into a new GeoGet DB (Database / Import / Import bookmark / Ignore list)
  2. In GeoGet, delete all the caches you would like to remove from ignore list (Mark caches / Points / Delete permanently)
  3. Open lists at geocaching.com page and delete the Ignore list with one click
  4. Add 1 cache to ignore list manually - it will re-create new ignore list (GeoGet will not see it while it is deleted)
  5. Mark all remaining caches in GeoGet and add them back to the ignore list

Hopla! rolleyes.gif

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