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How to enter Coords into iPhone

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I have the official $10 Groundspeak app for the iPhone which is great for finding and locating caches. However many times, especially for multi-caches, I need to enter coordinates to find the next location. It doesn't look like the official app can do this. I've tried Motion-X GPS but that doesn't show you where you are and where you need to go (or I couldn't figure out how to do it). What do you use to enter coordinates on your iPhone?




-= Ken =-

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It does do this, and it took me a while to find this out. Now, there may be other ways to do it, but this is the method I learned and now use.


Go into the map view for a cache (like google maps view) using "navigate to geocache" on a specific cache scren.


On that map screen second from the right at the top there is a little flag. Click it.


It allows you to enter your current coordinate, or set a waypoint to the geocache location by just clicking that option.


To setup a different waypoint click on either the Lat or Lon entries and you can change them to what you want. It uses those silly scroller controls so you are betting off trying this at home than in the field ( trust me on this one...).


You should also rename the waypoint to something informative. After that, you can click on the waypoint on your map and set it as target.


Hope this helps!



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This is probably THE most asked question on the forums regarding the iPhone app. Don't feel bad, it gets asked a couple of times a week (yours is the second one today, in fact). The app doesn't do a real good job of highlighting its various features, it's kind of a "learn as you go" approach :)

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