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This cache has not been approved yet...

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My cache "Dunes du Touquet" has not been approved yet...


According to what I understood, people who validate the caches are voluntary.


Does have reasons which can slow down this validation ?


- the use of the HTML

- the use of a foreign language (French)

- etc


Thank you to answer me ;-)





Sorry for my poor english, I use Babel Fish...

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Several possible reasons -


On the weekend the approval queu can get rather long - several hundred caches awaiting review.


We try to use regional approvers - the European approver would know more of the local customs and laws than I would, for instance. He may still be asleep. icon_wink.gif Language should not be a problem, though it does help if a cache is posted in English as well as your native language. That helps the cache approver and will later help visitors to your country who bring a GPS with them.


erik - geocaching.com admin

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He could have been ill and in bed for the week.


Actually, he did break a rib or something a few weeks ago and was out of commision for awhile. I don't know if that was cause or effect re. being in bed for a week.

(where's the instant graemlin for "a straight face"?)



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