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how do i vist my log

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I think he means a list of the cache's he's logged, not how to log a cache.


Unless I'M the one screwing up here.


Forgive me.


I'm new.


No need to forgive you--you're not the one who wrote an unintelligible question.

btw, he's got no logs to "visit."

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if any one can help me find how you vist my logs :huh::sad:

Not sure if this is what you're looking for...


Quick view:



What that will show you is your logs for the last 30 days.


Under that, you will see:


Your Logs (Last 30 Days)

Show all logs for: Geocaches, Trackable Items, or Benchmarks


Each of the words in blue is a link to your logs for those items.


When you click on "Geocaches", you will get a list of all logs you've posted for caches, and you can choose which ones to review (Did Not Find, Found, etc.)


But first...you need to post some logs, in order to see them.




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