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How do i transfer our finds from iphone app to this site?

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Surely they would automatically appear on here!? I think something has gone wrong somewhere. You must have signed up with Groundspeak, to log them on the app. Have you logged into geocaching.com/ on the pc?

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At the bottom of your logs, you have the ability to send them over as logs, or as Field notes. Are you saving them as Field Notes?

Or are they saved on the app and just pending?


Look at the logs tab (at the bottom) are there logs in the pending or sent tab?

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Obviously...you're using "Post a Log/Field Note"


After you've selected Log Type and a message....Look down (or scroll down)....


Click on......"Save & Send Log"


This will automatically send the log to geocaching.com. If it does not get sent, it'll show up in your SAVED tab (at very bottom of the App - Green tabs). You can try to re-send the logs at anytime. You will get a confirmation that the logs were sent (or not).

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