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Geocaching mobile apps and basic membership limit

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Hi all,


i'v been looking around but i cant seem to find the right answer.

I just paid for Neongeo app, which felt like the best app for the job.

But the reason i paid for it, is to get rid of the 3 cache per 24h limit.

I never realized this limit was imposed by the geocaching api (dadgum monopoly in my area!)


As a very casual and poor geocacher newbie, i was wondering if i can simply pay (10,800 KRW)for the geocaching official android app, and therefore remove the 3/24h limit ? Or would i still need to upgrade to the full membership of geocaching.com?

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I don't have any restrictions with the official app. You don't need a PM to use the official app either.


You're a premium member. There are restrictions for everyone, but for PMs it's something like several thousand caches per day. Basic members are limited to 3 caches per day, no matter what the app.


Or at least that's how I understand it.

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Basic members are limited to 3 caches per day, no matter what the app.

That statement is true, with the exception of the official apps. The Groundspeak apps do not have this restriction for basic members.

I there was quite a discussion and some really irate windows phone users had their undies in a major bunch because in order to use the newly released windows app you needed to be a premium member. One of their points was the iPhone and android users did not need to be premium members. Hopefully you did not poke a sleeping dog with a stick.

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Hopefully you did not poke a sleeping dog with a stick.

I can't figure out how you could see my post that way. I'm just telling a new cacher what the current situation is. There would have been much more "poking" in those Windows Phone app topics.

I was thinking that the several really vocal window phone users would come over here and start up again.

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Currently, the ANDROID 'official' geocaching app does not have any restrictions for basic members that are not already in place otherwise. (e.g. Since a basic member can't create a PQ, they can't download/save a PQ to the app.) A basic member can view as many cache listings as they like (and individually save them to the app).


The Windows 7 phone app has a different service model which is based on whether or not the user is a basic or premium member.


If the NeonGeo app does indeed restrict basic members, that is certainly a good reason to buy the 'official' app rather than NeonGeo. Since they both use the same API, I wouldn't think there would be such a restriction.

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My wife has two Girl Scout troops who each are working on their Geocaching patch and both have basic memberships and, using the official paid iPhone app, have no restrictions on the number of caches they can do in 24 hours. In fact, they found 5 on Thursday and not once did they have an issue. So while I know the non-official apps using the 3rd party API are restricted, it doesn't affect the official iPhone app, at least for now.

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