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  1. Just deleted two logs from usernames like Brock1234 and Dave2345 where the caching name was a first name followed by a four-digit number. Each with 100 finds today from all over the world, and with a link to a puzzle cheat site in the log. If you click the cheat site URL, you're taken to a mobile-only website that demands you download and run a game for 30 seconds. I'm assuming these are fake "finds", and some spammer is trying to drive traffic to his ad scam site. Further similar logs will be deleted immediately.
  2. I love the idea behind the new search; it's just like querying a database, which is what I've always wanted. It's getting closer to what I can do with GSAK on my own database. Would like a more low-res-friendly format for the output and I'm eagerly awaiting the export-to-file functionality. Maybe some "onboarding" videos and helpful hints to help people get the hang of it?
  3. That looks fantastic, Gill & Tony! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for putting all those words in my mouth, Toz! I was able to skip dinner.
  5. I think having one "Home" location and several pre-stored alternate locations would be very nice. Not just for notifications, but for the Map and Pocket Queries as well. Typing in coordinates is tedious, but selecting from a drop-down box would be a cinch.
  6. One interpretation of Groundspeak's recent Geocaching website changes is that they are trying to make Geocaching friendlier to mobile users. They have even made it easy for users to hide caches entirely with a mobile browser. In the process, the game is now more appealing to people with less commitment to quality hides, and encourages low-quality logs. Instead of breaking Geocaching, why not mobile-ize Waymarking? It's already well-suited for mobile use for many reasons. 1) Geocaches are often located in areas with poor or non-existant cell coverage. Most Waymarks are located in populated areas with better coverage 2) There is no need for stealth at Waymark locations, and nothing to be "muggled" 3) Instead of placing a micro in a planter at an interesting place, why not make it a Waymark? 4) It makes sense for a mobile user to be able to create a new Waymark on the spot. As a radical move, Labcaches, Events and Earthcaches should be moved to Waymarking. All Geocachers have Waymarking accounts already (and vice-versa), so there's nothing more to pay and nobody is left out. You can allow Geocaching users to continue to keep these types with their GC stats if they so choose. Geocaches: Hidden containers with a log book. Log finds on www.geocaching.com Waymarks: Interesting places and events. Log finds on www.Waymarking.com
  7. A new cacher with an unverified email address recently wrote a whole bunch of "Found It" logs consisting only of blatant hide spoilers. One CO with a tricky hide deleted the logs on his caches because he had no means of contacting the cacher to request he edit his logs. People should not be allowed to pollute cache pages without even the possibility of anonymized contact with other cachers. Email validation should be mandatory.
  8. In one of the updates, they mentioned a large group of people they actually listen to. Apparently the group has more sway than the official forums (maybe we should be happy they still post updates to this place, as unimportant as it is). If we can convince them that a new feature is at least as cool as HTML in emails, maybe Groundspeak would actually do it! Although my suspicion is that this large group of people are all named "Jeremy Irish".
  9. Cookies aren't disabled in any of those browsers. Just to verify that I hadn't messed something up, I installed a browser I've never use on the computer (Chrome), which behaved in the same way.
  10. Yep. I remembered that I created a second non-premium account ages ago, and when I logged into that account there was no redirect loop.
  11. Weird. I tried some more browser-roulette: 1) IE 11/Win8.1 -> redirecct loop 2) Chrome for Android (current) on WiFi -> redirect loop 3) Firefox for Android (current) on WiFi -> redirect loop 4) Chrome for Android (current) on Mobile Data -> redirect loop 5) Firefox for Android (current) on Mobile Data -> redirect loop If it doesn't happen to others, maybe it's because I let my account lapse back to Basic a few weeks ago? Oh, well, there's always c:geo.
  12. It seems that no matter what upgrade option I pick on this page, they all go into a redirect loop. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox (current versions of each). When either browser finally gives up redirecting, the URL in the window is http://www.geocaching.com/login/default.aspx?redir=https%3a%2f%2fpayments.geocaching.com%2fmembership%2fpayment Interestingly, in both browsers, the upper-right corner says "Welcome, Visitor" despite my being logged in. Clicking "Sign in" anyway just redirects me back to the same page. I don't think it's a browser cache issue; I installed Chrome from scratch to test this.
  13. I de-authorized the iOS Wherigo player (since I no longer have an iOS device), and got this email. At least it looks pretty.
  14. Yes. I unsubscribed a while ago, and I still get them.
  15. Groundspeak is a de-facto monopoly. This is how monopolies behave. They don't have to listen to their customers because they know we won't actually cancel our memberships and move to some other service. Has anyone compiled a list of the things Groundspeak broke, and then simply outlasted the furor? My memory is awful; I can only think of a few: - Tiny forum avatars - Gray icons - Search - Removed plaintext email option - Bringing out "Challenges" even though they knew the name was used for something completely different, then ignoring the confusion - Abandoned projects like Benchmarks, Wherigo, Waymarks, etc.
  16. Here's what I got from Moun10bike's profile page source: <div class="mxStats" style="position:relative; top:-418px; left:268px;"> <div id="ctl00_ContentBody_ProfilePanel1_Panel_CachesFound" class="statbox"><strong>DNF Pride!</strong> <img src="/images/icons/32/dnf.png" alt="" /> <span class="statcount">755</span></div> </div> I copied that into our profile editor (go here) as the very first line. Then change "755" to whatever your DNF count is. Here's a shortcut to your DNF logs where you can see the how many you've submitted. Or you can find them on your http://www.geocaching.com/my page. Under "Your Logs", click "Geocaches", and on the page that comes up, click "Didn't find it". I had to modify the "top:-418px" part to -359 to line it up, which took a few tries. I think most of the difference is because our profile picture is smaller than Moun10bike's. Thanks for pointing this out, frinklabs! And thanks to Moun10bike for showing how it could be done.
  17. Even though I know it's pointless: Please bring back the plaintext email option.
  18. Thanks for bumping up the number of Pocket Queries per day!
  19. Since you're now knee-deep into how third parties interpret your stuff, why not include "Nano" cache sizes now? They're already being forced to adapt to the Mystery/Unknown thing, so might as well throw a new cache size at them as well, no?
  20. I've been interpreting it as a joke. A friendly, harmless bit of hyperbole letting people know that you can use an in-app purchase to upgrade to Premium instead of the old-fashioned way.
  21. Confirmed. I saved the GPX file from my PQ to my phone, then turned off both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. With no connection to the internet, I went into Settings and picked "Search for GPX files". It found the file I had just saved, and I imported it, then saved it to an offline list. Puzzle caches appeared at their corrected coordinates. Why in the world isn't this the default behavior?! Why do you ignore the corrected coordinates already inside the PQ? Additionally, if I turn on WiFi and Mobile data, then refresh one of these caches, the cache icon moves back to the posted coordinates and puts the flag at the corrected coords. This app never stops confounding and frustrating me.
  22. I just downloaded my solved puzzle PQ to my computer and opened up the GPX in a text editor. The corrected coordinates are in the <wpt> tag. Where is the app even getting the un-corrected coordinates from? They aren't anywhere in either the main GPX or the -wpts.gpx file. It seems like the app deliberately ignores the corrected coordinates already in the GPX files, and downloads un-corrected coordinates from Groundspeak instead. Why?!
  23. Not within a downloaded PQ. Only after I click "refresh" does an Additional Waypoint appear (a flag) at the corrected coordinates. The Navigate button then points me towards the posted coordinates. I have to manually switch to the Corrected Coordinates flag in the Map view. Why not have the app automatically navigate to the Corrected coordinates if present? Also, the corrected coordinates disappear from the Additional Waypoints if you open a different cache. You have to re-refresh the cache to get the Corrected Coordinate waypoint back. Why aren't they persistent? Corrected coordinates are present in PQ downloads. I know this because both GSAK and Neongeo (which use the API) both move the cache icon to the corrected coordinates if present, with no action needed on my part. I guess I don't see the point of a preview that only gives a small fraction of a PQ.
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