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Pics in the cache description


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I would like to put a pic into the description of my next unknown cache, but how do I do it. I know that I can attach a .jpg in the gallery and I have done that in the past but I want the picture to 'be' the description. any advice appreciated

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6.3. Display an Image in a Cache Description


To display an image in your cache page, you can upload an image right to your cache page, or you can hyperlink to an image hosted elsewhere on the internet — but not on your own computer.


Let's use this cache as a fine example.


Adding a graphic requires the use of proper HTML commands.

Click on the "upload images" button in the Navigation box at the top right of the cache page.

Navigate to your photo directory on your hard drive, and identify the correct picture. Give your photo a name (e.g. "View from West End Overlook") and upload it.

The photo now appears on the cache page as a little camera icon with a hyperlink on its name. Look for it just below the maps and just above the logs:

View from West End Overlook

Now you need the URL of just that image.

Drag that photo's name up into the address area of your browser.

That should then show you just the photo on its own page with nothing else. The URL that you need can now be copied from the address area of your browser.

If, for some reason, you have trouble with dragging the name up into the browser's address area, try this: Right click on the name of the image, and follow the screen prompts to get its unique URL.

Or, under the image link, you will see an "edit" link. Clicking on "edit" will open the image on its own page. On the edit page clicking directly on the image will open the image on its own page. The URL of that page can be seen there in your browser.

Copy that URL into the clipboard.

Put the cache page into edit mode.

Make sure that the box is checked to say that you are using HTML on the cache page, and then insert the HTML code for the image so that the photo will display in the center of the cache page:

<center><img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/a0f1a0a9-af25-4574-9dc8-cd46521ca68e.jpg"></center>


In your case, the characters in between the quotation marks will be different, of course.


If you are still having trouble at this point, please check out the the Knowledgebase Article called "HTML In Cache Descriptions."

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