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  1. Make sure you're at the correct site: intercaching.com (not intercache.appspot.com, the old version which is still running.) In a nutshell: - make sure you have a compatible phone. There is a test page on the main site that lets you verify this. Do this outside for best results. - create an account - login and click on the "create new" button - walk around to the locations you want to use, and click the "new location" button wherever you want to place a location. Give it a name, a description (you can edit later on your desktop), and click the button to set the location to the current coordinates. Click save. - repeat this for as many locations as you want - either on your mobile or back at your computer, you can click each location to edit, and specify which locations should be visible from that location. So if you wanted a simple A --> B --> C, you would edit "A" and click the checkbox on "B" to indicate B is visible from A. Do the same thing when you edit B to say "C" is visible from it. Awesome, Thank You. This helped a lot. I have seen the caches but have not had the opportunity to try one. No one have made one around here and I want to be the first to do it.
  2. Ammo can in a crowded city park? Bad idea, as there is a very good chance it could get stolen, or misidentified as something dangerous. I hope you painted over the markings on the side. A new logbook is good, but I hope you kept the old one in there, otherwise its just not the same. I wish you good luck! But suspect you may have messed it all up.. I don't think so. There is a reason this cache has had such a good luck streak. Even though it is in a crowded park, it is on the other side of a fairly deep creek and hidden inside a hollow log on an ivy covered hillside. It is well marked as a geocache just in case. It is not in an area that gets traffic other than geocachers.
  3. I own over well 100 caches and I am the top hider in my county- I am familiar with this concept. .
  4. UPDATE- I decided to update the container with an ammo can, new logbook that is waterproof and some new swag. I had considered archiving it to turn it into a multi or unknown cache. But after hearing the arguments of how cool it is to have a 10 year old cache, i decided to keep it running 10 more.
  5. If you help a friend plant a geocache, Is it fair to get FTF?
  6. I need the opinions of my experienced geocaching peers. I have a geocache that is coming up on 10 years of service. Although this cache is in a popular and crowded city park, there is only 1 DNF and it has never been muggled and is in its original container and original log. I was thinking about archiving this one and replacing it with another cache. The years have taken a toll on the container and I probably need to replace the container soon. (Hilton Wet or Dry GCK7ZK)
  7. I have heard about an interesting concept, the intercache or interactive geocache. There are not any of these in my area and I have not had the opportunity to try one. Soooo- I want to make one. A good one. I have an idea of a location but I am not sure how to get started. I have looked at the intercache.com site but it just seems to me to be confusing. Could someone explain this to me like I am 5?
  8. There is a time and place for nano containers, just haven't seen it yet!
  9. I can't stand it when I go to an area only to find a bison tube hanging in a holly bush... with a wet log... that is full... 499 feet away is a truly epic location for an ammo can.
  10. I cannot begin to express how hurtful it is to be accused of cheating. I have been accused of armchair logging & cheating in the past. I tend to lose things and it never fails that I drop a pen on the trail. Or i go looking for a large ammo can and the pencil lead is broken or pen out of ink. Im sorry but that minor inconvenience is not going to force me to quit for the day and leave or hike back to the car for a new pen. I will find the container and take a pic or describe the location and sign online stating that i did not sign the physical log. The purists will go on and delete the log stating the rule about signing the log but some others will not and let it slide. If the log gets deleted, then i go back, pen in hand, and sign. I remember one cache that I was FTF and no pen. So i burned a stick and made a black smudge. The CO actually went to the location and signed the log in ink for me. No questions asked. What is the general consensus on this? Should you let it slide if the person can describe the container, hiding spot or provide other solid proof?
  11. What is your absolute favorite geocache of all time? If the rules were changed and you were allowed only one favorite point, what cache would you give it to. (you could take the point away if you found another so not assigning a point is invalid on this hypothetical thread) I have a few favorites however I have not found one worthy of being called my absolute favorite. At the time of this post, I have 215 finds and I have seen beautiful places with interesting containers, but only a few worthy of favorite points. I have seen awesome containers on the internet but I have never had the opportunity to find something epic. To date, my favorite is GC2P3A5 The Farnsworth Parabox. I liked the challenge of breaking the code.
  12. I cannot trust a GPS for hiking. Sure they are great but there are too many variables to consider. you are doing 100 miles in 9 or 10 days I assume? Alkaline AA batteries have a weight of roughly 23 g (0.81 oz) and lithium AA batteries have a mass around 15 g (0.53 oz). So 10 days = 20 batteries at bare minimum assuming your GPS uses 2 aa batteries- weight is around 16.2 ounces alkaline and 10.6 oz lithium. I recommend that you bring an old school map and compass as a main way to navigate and use the GPS just in case you need spot on accuracy.
  13. Is there any way to see how you compare to other Geocachers in your area? Someone from a Geocaching Club in Charlotte NC (GCGC) contacted me congratulating me on being the top hider in Catawba County NC. This was totally random as I never asked for this recognition but yet it was cool to think I did something that made me famous for 15 seconds. Then sad because it just shows that I live in a geocache dessert. I only had about 50 geocaches then and only about 80 now. My idea comes from the "Game Center" feature on my iPhone that shows your stats and achievements vs everyone else playing that game. I know that with my 170 finds as of 3/5/2013, I would rank pretty low as I have seen many locals with 10k+! I am aware of a website that has the top 100 cachers but that is not run by geocaching,com and is probably as accurate as throwing a rock blindfolded.
  14. Took the kids hiking over the weekend and stumbled onto a survey marker. I snapped a pic and noted the coordinates. I just got home to log the marker and there were no markers listed within a mile of the coordinates. It is a USDA Forest service survey marker. I looked at the others that were listed closest but they definitely were not the correct markers. Any input would be appreciated. the coordinates: n 35 45.117 w 82 13.312
  15. Its funny, You look for a long time, make a post then exit only to find the information accidentally. DUH
  16. 6.3. Display an Image in a Cache Description To display an image in your cache page, you can upload an image right to your cache page, or you can hyperlink to an image hosted elsewhere on the internet — but not on your own computer. Let's use this cache as a fine example. Adding a graphic requires the use of proper HTML commands. Click on the "upload images" button in the Navigation box at the top right of the cache page. Navigate to your photo directory on your hard drive, and identify the correct picture. Give your photo a name (e.g. "View from West End Overlook") and upload it. The photo now appears on the cache page as a little camera icon with a hyperlink on its name. Look for it just below the maps and just above the logs: View from West End Overlook Now you need the URL of just that image. Drag that photo's name up into the address area of your browser. That should then show you just the photo on its own page with nothing else. The URL that you need can now be copied from the address area of your browser. If, for some reason, you have trouble with dragging the name up into the browser's address area, try this: Right click on the name of the image, and follow the screen prompts to get its unique URL. Or, under the image link, you will see an "edit" link. Clicking on "edit" will open the image on its own page. On the edit page clicking directly on the image will open the image on its own page. The URL of that page can be seen there in your browser. Copy that URL into the clipboard. Put the cache page into edit mode. Make sure that the box is checked to say that you are using HTML on the cache page, and then insert the HTML code for the image so that the photo will display in the center of the cache page: <center><img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/a0f1a0a9-af25-4574-9dc8-cd46521ca68e.jpg"></center> In your case, the characters in between the quotation marks will be different, of course. If you are still having trouble at this point, please check out the the Knowledgebase Article called "HTML In Cache Descriptions."
  17. I would like to put a pic into the description of my next unknown cache, but how do I do it. I know that I can attach a .jpg in the gallery and I have done that in the past but I want the picture to 'be' the description. any advice appreciated
  18. If you have to go to multiple locations to get information, like this one. This is the style of multi JesandTodd is referring to. Not all multis are ones where one stage gives the coordinates to the next. Yes, exactly. I really like this idea. Most of my caches require solving field puzzles.
  19. nyhof

    Garmin vs iPhone

    I use a Garmin Dakota 20 and an iPhone4. Both are very accurate when I search for caches and I have not had problems making finds with either. When I hide a cache, there is about a 65 foot difference between the two. Which one do I trust? Why is there such a difference between the coordinates? Any suggestions?
  20. How do you feel about multi and unknown caches? I have hidden several of these and they never get attention. I put a lot of thought and planning into these and I feel like I have wasted my time. One of my unknown caches (11/15/11) is very simple to figure out and it only has 1 find. It was the cachers first and only find... hopefully I didn't scare him off. Would you rather go after quick and easy caches where you find many in a few hours or find one very challenging high quality multi cache that takes a while to complete?
  21. #5 Puzzle The ? cache is a catch all category and are not always puzzles. I have some night caches that are considered ? caches. Just read all the details before you decide to skip it.
  22. Q1- Have a bag with you when you go caching- water, pens swag and a few extra log sheets. Q2- Say Hi and introduce yourself. you may make a new friend to cache with. Q3- GPS will get you close but your [developing] geoscences will get you closer. you're starting out so don't give up so easily. Q4- I don't have a good answer. it depends on the gadget. I have an iPhone but I do not know how to input additional coordinates. I have a Garmin to do it for me. Q5- Puzzle caches are a challenge and each is so different. Lots have roots on the web and are public knowledge. Others you can look at weird angles or enlarge it to find hidden clues. Just ask the CO for a hint. Q6- Insist on quality caches and post DNF NM and NA. Remember a DNF does not mean you have failed. These logs help the CO maintain their caches. Oh BTW don't overuse the emoticons, thats my job
  23. nyhof

    FTF game

    I love the idea, Most of the FTF junkies around here are pretty honest about posting FTFs. The secret code would be a fun spin. I would participate. I would like to expand on this idea and use it for those harder caches. Example: I have a cache that is in a tree that is very hard to reach. I have several people log a find it but didn't actually get their hands on the container. (I delete their logs.) Maybe a secret word that they must use in the found it message to qualify for a .
  24. It was my understanding that to claim a found it smile you had to actually sign the log I guess if you want to have someone do it for you then whatever but I would suggest that you keep true to the spirit of the hobby I have a bad habit of checking logs for my hard ones to see if the physical logs match the online ones and delete any online finds that are not there {here are your missing periods} ..........
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