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New Cache type based on Movie locations?

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I wanted to share my idea about a new cache type for cinemafan's like me. There are so many great locations where movies have been shot, and it would b cool to use them for cachetours :)

What do you think of it?



Why not just note of it on the cache page?


How 'bout...


baseball caches

fishing caches

wild flower caches

waterfall caches

train caches


and so on.....


If we start making new cache types for every interest out there we would soon have more cache types than we could sort through.


No thanks.

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Waymarking needs to be integrated into this site or it will never take off.


I do not think that there needs to be a new type of cache for each new thing... However it can be included by creating a theme of caches and including it in the name or description.

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I don't see it being a good attribute. I just don't see many people using it to filter caches (either excluding caches at movie locations, or selecting caches at movie locations). It might be interesting to note such things in the cache description, and it might make a good bookmark list (depending on how selective the owner is about what is an interesting movie location). But not an attribute.

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