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Caching & Logging w/ GPX Files

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I apologize if this a repeat topic, but I wasn't as successful in finding the answer I was looking for as I had hoped.


I am relatively new to using GPX files, historically I have always used the Easy GPS program and downloaded .loc files for my geocaches. I have since purchased a Garmin Montana 650t and discovered how easy it is to just send the GPX to my GPSR and have all the info readily available without spending time editing in Easy GPS to get the formats I want.


So that's all fine and dandy, but I think I missed something along the way. Is there an easy way to "reverse" the GPX process? Specifically, once I have marked the cache as found on my GPSR using the native geocaching program, I am finding I still have to sort through the finds on the unit to figure out which ones to log on Geocaching.com. It gets a bit tedious if I haven't deleted the finds from my last trip.. and it is even more tedious to spend time deleting the found caches from the ones that I have not yet found because they are all in the same folder when I connect the unit to the computer.


Am I missing something and really over complicating things? I am keeping my fingers crossed that its a yes on both parts.


Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer!

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I believe that the answer would be "field notes".


Upon finding the cache and marking it as such in the GPSr, it should allow you the opportunity to record field notes.

The field notes would be uploaded to geocaching.com (we utilize a form of shorthand, edit the field notes to a full log at geocaching.com then submit that as a "found it" or "DNF" -- if such is the case -- log).


As we use a Delorme, this procedure is nearly automatic and the CashRegister widget handles it w/o human interference -- including the removal of those finds from the device. Therefore, I am not familiar with the procedure for a Garmin, but I believe it has to do with the creation of a field notes file on your device or card.


I do know it can be done. Stay tuned as somebody will be able to provide specific instructions.


Good luck.

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