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  1. Thanks Marcas! I appreciate the feedback and was definitely curious about the swapping in and out of the case for the auto mount. Good info to have!
  2. Thanks Gitchee & Star, I found exactly what I needed with your descriptions and help!
  3. I apologize if this a repeat topic, but I wasn't as successful in finding the answer I was looking for as I had hoped. I am relatively new to using GPX files, historically I have always used the Easy GPS program and downloaded .loc files for my geocaches. I have since purchased a Garmin Montana 650t and discovered how easy it is to just send the GPX to my GPSR and have all the info readily available without spending time editing in Easy GPS to get the formats I want. So that's all fine and dandy, but I think I missed something along the way. Is there an easy way to "reverse" the GPX process? Specifically, once I have marked the cache as found on my GPSR using the native geocaching program, I am finding I still have to sort through the finds on the unit to figure out which ones to log on Geocaching.com. It gets a bit tedious if I haven't deleted the finds from my last trip.. and it is even more tedious to spend time deleting the found caches from the ones that I have not yet found because they are all in the same folder when I connect the unit to the computer. Am I missing something and really over complicating things? I am keeping my fingers crossed that its a yes on both parts. Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer!
  4. Hey Kris, Thanks for the info. I am not a FB fan, but I will probably check out that other site as well. Between you and MooseMob's responses & seeing as how you guys have done a jillion caches, I am going to probably pass on the GizzMoCase for now and see if I can find a decent screen protector. THat way it will let me quickly mount/unmount in the vehicle to a speaker. Thanks again!
  5. Thats some serious sized pockets! Speaking of though, what screen protector do you use?
  6. Hey fellow Vegas & Henderson 'cachers. I recently purchased a Garmin Montana 650t and I am looking for the best way to protect it out on the trail, etc. I am strongly considering the GizzMoVest because of it's strong ratings, but I know what I like/don't like (my wife calls me "picky" ) and I would love the opportunity to see one in person before taking the plunge and purchasing. So.. the reason for the post: Does anyone in or near the Las Vegas area have a GizzMoVest (preferrably for the Garmin Montana series) that they would be willing to meet up with me so I could see/feel the texture, etc? Also, any recommendations for/against the integrated RAM Mount option would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your response(s?)! ~Chad P.S. For those of you scratching your heads and wondering what the heck I am talking about: http://www.gizzmovest.com/
  7. Any recommended alternatives to Zagg?
  8. Good points thanks for the carry & protection tips. I cant seem to find a Zagg invisible shield for it, though I am sure I can just trim one to fit. Has anyone had any success with other screen protectors on their Montana's?
  9. Duly noted, thanks for the feedback CoachStahly! Anyone else?
  10. Need some advice if y'all don't mind. I like Garmin GPS's with my most recent being a GPSMAP60cs, but find that manually entering coordinates is a pain and the screen is too small to do everything I want. I had been looking at the Oregon series before I found out about the Montana's, but never "bit" and after reading through much of this thread, I am glad I waited. I mainly will be using my GPS for about a 60/40 mix of Geocaching and Navigation (respectively). What attracted me to the Montana series is the large bright screen and touch screen input - both of which are handy in the middle of the Nevada desert. My personal experience is that buying the "high end" model of any Garmin series is usually the best idea because all of the "lower" models seem to get discontinued right after I buy them (my multiple etrex series and last GPSMAP60 series) so I am strongly considering the Montana 650t - thinking that it will be supported longest, and the topo maps + camera will come in handy when I have it in my Jeep rock crawler out on the trails. I've put together a wishlist/package of sorts that I am hoping you guys can help me modify/edit/promote based on your Montana Guru-ness. What do you think? Garmin Montana 650t - https://www.gps4us.com/GARMIN-Montana-650t--P2172.html Garmin North America Street Maps w/ Lifetime Updates - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=33379&ra=true Garmin Montana 600 650 650t Anti-Glare Screen Protectors - http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-montana-6xx-anti-glare-screen-protectors.html GizzMoVest Heavy Duty Garmin Montana RAM-Mount Integrated Case - http://www.gizzmovest.com/ RAM POD I Universal No-Drill™ Vehicle Mount with 18" Rigid Aluminum Rod & Single Socket Arm - http://www.ram-mount.com/CatalogResults/PartDetails/tabid/63/partid/082065077045066045051049054045049085/Default.aspx Still trying to figure out a way to take advantage of the integrated RAM mount to clip it to backpack, belt, etc. for a carrying solution Anyway, any advice and feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the tips and info! Looks like I need to pony up the cash for the caches so I can do those selective searches. I really don't care about the total # of caches I have found, most of the easy ones I have found are a result of taking newbies out caching.. I just want a good adventure and it sounds like you guys know some of the best ways to get started. Thanks again!
  12. Is there a way to search for geocaches that are unique / highly rated by others? I like the traditional style caches (vs virtual, etc.), especially the multi-caches, but am finding that most of the ones out there are just like the last one. Fence posts, light pole covers, rock gardens, yucca plants & joshua trees are boring - I'd like a challenge & adventure with some creativity but it's hard to sort those out in the queries. Any tips anyone? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Chark
  13. Wow - thanks for all of the great info all! Sounds like I need to stop being a cheapskate and pony up the $30 a year and have some fun. Thanks everyone!
  14. I honestly don't make it into the forums much so I apologize if this post duplicates another. I am curious to know if it would be possible to modify / filter searches to only display certain difficulty levels? I am not one that likes to see how many caches I can log, more so, I prefer the ones that are hard to get to, unique to find (a rock in a rock garden is not my idea of hard, it's just annoying) so I prefer to find caches that are in the 3 & up range just so I can have a fun adventure. They are becoming few and far in between so I am wondering if it is possible to filter these out? Is this already an option? Thanks for all those out there placing caches so we can have fun - I REALLY appreciate your efforts! ~Chark
  15. I was out with Mohavemonarch tagging along while they went to a cache I had already logged. I hopped out of my jeep (leaving it out of gear and running) to spot MM up a rock I had just driven up, when the parking brake on my jeep popped. Long story short, both of my legs got run over and the entire back end of my jeep was smashed in. End result: Both knees were sprained, body was covered in rock rash, cuts, bruises and the jeep has some "customization"
  16. Chark

    Gps To Pda Cable?

    I currently carry a Garmin Etrex Vista and a Palm Tungsten T for caching. Does anyone know if/where there is a cable to connect the two and what advantages there are to connecting them? Thanks! ~Chark
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