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Search feature I'd like to see...

Team Finn

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Last Christmas I had the pleasure of exposing my brother to geocaching. He has since purchased a GPSR and cache hunting in his part of the country. The search feature I would like to see is What caches has another player found or hidden? It would be really neat to check on the progress of others! icon_cool.gif




We go until we get there.....

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Originally posted by Team Finn:

The search feature I would like to see is _What caches has another player found or hidden?_

There are 2 ways you can do this:


1) If you are on a cache page, there is a "other caches hidden or found by this user" above the logs and to the left of the map.


2) You can manually type in the following (and change the username at the end) to get hidden and found links by user (Team Finn used as an example):








My way of using this is clicking to hidden and found links above then create a favorite/bookmark to each one. Whenever I want to search for someone, I use my favorite/bookmark and then just backspace and edit the username in the link at the top of my browser.


I do agree however that it would be nice to see this on the search page...




What is Project Virginia?

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How about this search ... when you go to the logs from the main page ... it would really be nice to see the results grouped by state/country ... would keep you from going blind trying to scan down the list for a particular state's name ...


No biggie ... just a thought



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Originally posted by rdw:

Go to the unofficial http://www.insidecorner.com/geocaching/stats/index.cgi site and search logs by username. It's sometimes easier because it is arranged by most recent log date instead of the date the cache was placed.




Yeah ... but I kind of like staying on one site instead of going all over the place for information. I'm an old fart ... what can I say icon_biggrin.gif



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