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some caches not showing on GPS

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I have been using a Garmin Oregon for quite a while now, and routinely download PQ's, copy & paste them to the GPX file on the unit, and go geocaching- yay!

But recently I have headed out, turned the GPS on and discovered some caches I'd been hoping to hunt are missing from my GPS. aaack!

I just double-checked the PQ. The cache concerned shows on the PQ. So I re-loaded the PQ file to my GPS(replace existing file- like I always do) unplug from USB ( as usual) power up, look for it ( find GC, type part of name) and it is not there.

Am I the only one with this problem or is there something going on with PQ files?

OR could it be some pop-up message I clicked and now only vaguely remember?... it sometimes pops up when I plug the GPS in to the USB and says something like "there is an error- would you like to fix it" which I usually just ignore. But I finally got sick of seeing the popup so clicked Yes. Coincidental? or? but I'm fairly sure it happened before the popup incident.


It sux when you think caches are loaded, only to arrive in the vicinity & have nothing!

can anyone help?

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You may want to check and be sure you don't have a filter turned on in the unit that would filter out the Cache from showing in the list of available caches.


The message you are seeing may be caused by unplugging your USB cable from the GPS before closing the window on your computer. It has something to do with the way the drive, in this case the GPS, was disconnected from windows. Just close the window bfore disconnecting the USB from the GPS and that has solved the issue for me.

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Thanks for all the replies!

I'm not sure exactly what did the trick because I did two things at once.

I downloaded another fresh new PQ and deleted the old ones from the GPS before loading it, rather than overwriting the old with the new one as I usually do.

I will also make a point of disconnecting USB/GPS properly.

Happy Caching :)

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