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A question for the admins...


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Could one of the friendly admin's around here please unarchive my cache.


While bringing up the subject shouldn't the admin's ask before archiving a cache? Someone out of state who has never even been to one of our meetings suggested that I archive the cache. Nevermind that he didn't ask me first. Then without warning mtn-man archives it. That's not a very good practice in my opinion.


I've been using the same cache page for the last 19 months worth of meetings. There is no need to make a new one for every monthly meeting. That way those that watch the cache are automatically informed each month. When I update I post a note to inform everyone. I would prefer not to have a ton of archived meetings.


The only reason it's 38 days old is because we didn't have an October meeting due to a state wide event. I have one other event page that I will be archiving soon as I have done with my other event caches and CITO cache.


If any event caches should be archived it's these. GCCEF4 GCDB24 GCDB5A GC80C3 not mine.



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While I agree that it would have been better to contact you in advance to discuss the archival, I question the necessity to have a cache page where people log multiple finds for semi-regular monthly meetings that are held at the same location.



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I don't condone that and I don't do it myself. You'll find multiple attendences for me for me on the Oklahoma City meeting page. They use the same setup for meetings. Only the first one was logged as a find. All others are posted as notes for me. If others want to log multiple finds I can't stop them since I don't have the power to change logs. I guess I could have hidden 19 event caches if I really wanted to pad stats. icon_rolleyes.gif


The meetings are not semi-regular either. They have been going for 19 months straight. The location changes from time to time as well. Unless there is a big event then there is no meeting. Like last month when I spent 6 months planning an event. I think I am allowed to take one month off instead of having another meeting the following weekend.


This is the best and only method for me to let people know about monthly meetings. Personally I don't see what the problem is.



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Originally posted by Stunod:

Can't you still use it the way you intend, even though it is archived?


Anyone who is on the watch list will still get notified via email.


Yes, but how would new geocachers ever find out there is a local group meeting? They wouldn't ever see the cache page unless someone pointed it out. Wich kind of defeats the purpose.



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Frankly, although I abstain from replying to the archival mentioned in this thread, I will point out that it is far more logical to post a new cache page for each meeting. Then they all remain there for future reference. As far as handling the "so everyone gets notified" thing... um... just *post a log* to the old page pointing to the new one?!?


I know of a few who do the "recycle the old" thing, and I know of many who rightly give a new cache page to each new event cache (and even link to the old ones), and it's so much nicer, indeed. I believe you're doing it wrong, but that's up to you.


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