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Problem uploading images...


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I can still upload pics using my desktop, so it is not an issue with image size ;) ....

but when using my laptop, I go to a log, click "upload an image", browse for & choose the file, enter a file caption, then click the upload button... and the filename just dissapears & nothing else happens; no error message...

I've had this problem in the past,and seem to recall needing to change some setting on my computer- but can't remember where/how! :rolleyes:

Can someone Please remind me how to fix this? :cute:

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Hi there, I had the same problem and thought I'd check the forum for an answer, finding your unanswered question!


I discovered the solution (in Internet Explorer) is to disable the 'Pop-up Blocker' in Internet Options.

It should work after that - despite the procedure not appearing to open a pop-up window.


Hope this helps anyone with this problem in the future.

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