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Feeling stupid today, AGAIN. Why do puzzle caches do this to me. And all the easy solve comments! :mad:


Been sitting with nothing to do trying to solve puzzle caches. Some yes some no and made my notes and solutions in the Personal Cache Note section. Some i did on iPhone, iPad and some on my PC. However having solved some I now cannot find which caches they were. I have looked and searched and now posting this as I did this because I was certain I had read I could view afterwards. However do I need to remember the cache or can these be listed somewhere too? Please help anyone!


Off to do some non puzzles now as so annoyed with myself.



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I like the cache note area, but how do you insert a line break into the text. It looks good when you open it, but sometimes it would be nice to just view it formatted when you first load the page. I also wonder if they are going to include the notes in the PQ's

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