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  1. To me, powertrails are those 1000 pill bottles along a guard rail on a busy highway. Not 50 caches along a rails to trails, but most of those type caches I have placed have time limits and have a land manager. I have had great land managers over the years with these. They are on Wisconsin DNR land and we are pre-approved on DNR land and then just notify them with a form. When I placed the first 100, I only was asked to file out 2 forms (one for each trail) and then supply a list of the caches. These guys have become my best friends when it come to me placing a cache. I highly recommend getting to know the LM and build a good relationship. [back on subject] Too many pill bottles along miles of guard rails can be too much. Not seeing a official newsletter or something else from the frog tends to make you wonder about this!
  2. Emphasis added. Oh, there's hope! Could it be that our benevolent overlords will ban power trails again? Could it be they've figured out the ingredient that spoiled the secret sauce? I certainly hope that 'power trails' will be allowed. Granted some are cheap, but yet there are many that like them. I have two PT's that are truly on trails, with 50 or more caches on each. They are sponsored by the local county tourism person to help draw attention to the rails-to-trails, the local barn quilts and the fact that part of one trail is also part of a National Scenic Trail (Ice Age National Scenic Trail). As more barn quilts are placed in the county, I expand the series to include them.
  3. I have found that c:geo works just fine for me. It can now access the PQ's and store them offline. You can also have it store offline maps around the cache. There are also maps of each state that you can load. You just have to select the map you need to view in the app, depending on where you are. I have been out many times where I do not have a signal and it works just fine. I still depend more on my Garmin GPS than my phone, as the latter is much more accurate.
  4. What can be done with caches where the CO seems have quit? I am sure there are some people that have heard of the one that is listed in NC and really is in SC.
  5. What advantage would there be in buying the Garmin version vs. the one you are already using?
  6. How exactly would I do that? Sorry Just go to the web address listed above. The instructions there are pretty clear. First thing you need to do is create a PQ of your finds.
  7. The only problem is that the Delorme pages can and will change. Wisconsin is a good example, as the order of the pages was even reversed. The 9th edition started in the south and then the 10th edition started with the northern states first.
  8. You could use MyGeocachingProfile.com to create a map of all of the counties that you have finds in. The is normally accepted by CO's. There are also some GSAK macros that will help you also.
  9. I cannot remember the distance, but Garmin only shows those within a certain distance from you. Have you fired up Basecamp and viewed the caches on the GPS?
  10. I would also like to see some of the features added to the Garmin software. For one, I like the ability to load more than one GPX files and switch between them.
  11. If you use c:geo, then it can fire off an external navigation app. There are free OSM maps that you can load into the phone. They are not routable from within c:geo, but it can fire up an external app. There are some that you can preload the maps into the phone and then save the data cost.
  12. I know that REI will let you take a GPS out into the parking lot to see how well it works. I would pick a nice sunny day so that you can see how well you can view the screen in bright light. As for phone apps, they have their place and that depends on the type of area you are caching in. I have both an app and a Garmin 550t. Time after time I have found that the Garmin is more precise than the phone. I have used the app in urban settings, but prefer the Garmin in rural sites.
  13. You can also use Garmin's BaseCamp to load a PQ to the GPS. I am using Windows 10 and have found that works just fine. I have a script that I wrote that allows me to select a GPX that I have saved on a flash drive and load it to many different devices. ie. Garmin Oregon 550t, Garmin Dakota 20, Android phone using c:geo, etc.
  14. I also found the same issue, but BaseCamp does still work. You can download the individual GPX files for each cache or use a PQ. I agree, it would be great if the plugin was updated to support current technology.
  15. How did you load them onto the Garmin? Did you simply copy them or did you use a program on you PC?
  16. I think what the problem that is trying to be stated here is that after entering coords and selecting the type of travel (ie Direct, Auto, etc.) it then comes up with the map. This is fine until you get real close and want to use the compass. I know that when I select compass, it seems to always come up with the closest cache. I have both a Dakota 20 and an Oregon 550T. How do we get the compass to work with the coords that the map seems to not have an issue with?
  17. I have no experience, but it cross my mind that you might contact the various companies (ie. Garmin) and see if they have a purchase program for non-profit groups.
  18. Just a point, they will load faster from the internal memory, so I have read. I also think that BaseCamp keeps a copy on your PC. Someone else could probably confirm that.
  19. You get free maps for your Garmin at http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/. I have a Dakota 20 and have used some of them just fine. Use BaseCamp to transfer them to the unit.
  20. I would not suggest using these. There are not waterproof and you have to be about 1-2 feet away to pair with them. At that distance, you will have already found what you are looking for!
  21. I just fired up my TOPO NA 9.0 and it downloaded the PQ's just fine. I have not tried CR yet. I tried to find this posting on Delorme.com, but could not.
  22. From what I have found, the domain is still ACTIVE in the WHOIS database. It does not expire until 2017, but the zone record(s) for it seem missing. My tools report that no WWW record(s) exist for this domain!! :-(
  23. I have just recently added a phone to my trips. It is used mostly to log finds as I move from one to another, but also to have a live connection to check the last log or to see when a TB was dropped into the cache. I use a Delorme PN-60 to make the finds and I have a PQ that runs everyday. That way I know I always have access to reload the PN-60 with the latest caches. I "workflow" is to find the cache with the PN-60 and mark it found also in it. I then log the find using c:geo on the phone. While it is completing the upload of the log, I simply stow the phone in my pocket and continue on to the next cache.
  24. What I have done is to make a PQ of my hides and then I can just add to it. I have the PQ run once a week so that I can have the latest logs also. It is true what others have said in that they should show up in the found list on the GPS.
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