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Saving a Search

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Can someone please explain the My Saved Searches feature? I have scanned the forums and cannot find information.


My issues:


1. In My Saved Searches I have several listings. I have no idea HOW they got there!


2. It appears from the My Saved Searches link that you can search by coordinate, but can I search any other way (ex. keyword).


3. How do I save a search from a waymark page?


Thank you.

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I have no idea who added the entries to your saved searches; it wasn't me. ;-)


You can add coordinates manually or save a waymark. There is a [save this location] link in the upper part of a waymark page; between the poster and the coordinates.


It is only a coordinate search. All other modifications cannot be saved: exclude my waymarks, dates, country, category...


Creating a bookmark from an executed search is much more useful. This way you can define what you want. The only advantage of saved searches, they are available when you use a different computer.

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