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How do I start a second peer review for a proposel?

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Hello folks

Ok, our first attempt of a proposal was not well. In the review it was rejected. We have revisited it. A new peer review was not started. Here is the category proposal.

And what happens now? We believe that the categorization is in order. We now want to post Waymarks.


Our proposal is in German and English


Wars of Liberation



The sub-section to the Napoleonic War (1793-1815), In Germany itself it became known as the Befreiungskriege (Wars of Liberation), fought primarily in Germany - Between 1810 and 1814/15.

Der Teilabschnitt der Napoleonischen Kriege (1793-1815), in Deutschland selbst bekannt als die Befreiungskriege, Kämpfe vor allem in Deutschland - Zwischen 1810 und 1814.


Expanded Description:

Locate a Wars of Liberation monument or memorial, or historic marker with reference to the Wars of Liberation. In particular monuments are sought with respect to the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. The time period of this War was After the devastating defeat of Napoleon's Grande Armée in Russia in 1812 until the early months of 1814. All markers, world wide are acceptable, but location of sites probably would Europe.


Finde Denkmäler oder Mahnmale für die Befreiungskriege oder Marker mit mit Bezug auf diese Kriege. Insbesondere sichd Denkmäler mit Bezug auf die Völkerschlacht 1813 in Leipzig gesucht.

Der Zeitraum beginnt mit der vernichtenden Niederlage der "Großen Armee" Napoleons in Russland 1812 und endet im März 1814 mit der Einnahme von Paris.


Instructions for Posting a Wars of Liberation Waymark:

1.) Please give the name of the monument or marker you are submitting. Titles should be factual and must contain the monument name and the city, state where it is located. Waymark titles that contain anything else but the actual name and the city/state where it is located will be declined by the group.


2.) This category requires at least two original photos. One of the entire monument, memorial or marker taken by the person posting the new waymark and one location view. Daytime photos only, please. No GPS receivers, please. No vacation photos, please. Be sure it is a quality photo. Taking and submitting separate close-ups of inscriptions, details is highly recommended. Additional photos of the over all from different angles would also be highly appreciated.

3.) Proper coordinates are required. Basic directions or locations are suggested. On hard to find items, specific directions would be highly appropriate.

4.) The date the item was erected or dedicated is optional but strongly encourage.

5.) All text, whether it be inscribed in marble, on a plaque, or marker MUST be included in the long description. (Only exception: a long list of names).

6.) Record the name of the entity that built/erected the item. (optional)

7.) Give background information about people or events of the monument or memorial to. (optional)


1). Bitte geben Sie den Namen des eingereichten Denkmals oder Marker an. Der Titel sollte sachlich sein und muss den Namen und den Ort,Land des Denkmal, wo sie sich befindet, enthalten. Waymark Titel dürfen nichts anderes als den tatsächlichen Namen und die Stadt, Land enthalten, sonst werden sie von der Gruppe abgelehnt werden.

2.) Diese Kategorie erfordert mindestens zwei Original-Fotos. Benötigt wird mindestens eine Gesamtansicht und eine Detailansicht des Denkmal oder Markers, aufgenommen durch die Person, die den neuen Waymark einreicht. Bite nur Fotos im Tageslicht. Bitte keine GPS-Empfänger auf dem Bild. Bitte, keine Urlaubsfotos. Bitte stellen Sie nur qualitativ hochwertige Fotos ein. Die Einreichung separater Nahaufnahmen von Inschriften, wird dringend empfohlen. Zusätzliche Bilder aus verschiedenen Winkeln wäre auch sehr sinnvoll.

3.) Die richtige Koordinaten sind unbedingt erforderlich. Falls das Objekt schwer zu finden ist, ist eine Wegbeschreibung sinnvoll.

4.) Das Errichtungs- oder Einweihungsdatum ist optional, aber dringend empfohlen.

5.) Alle Texte, egal ob eingemeißelt oder auf einer Tafel oder Marker, müssen in der langen Beschreibung aufgenommen werden. (Einzige Ausnahme: eine lange Liste von Namen).

6.) Notieren Sie den Namen der Person, die / das Objekt gebaut oder errichtet hat. (optional)

7.) Geben Sie Hintergrundinformationen über Menschen oder Ereignisse auf dem Denkmal an. (optional)


Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

Visit logs must contain at least one new photo (by you) of the waymark.

Please provide some small bit about your visit.


Visit-Logs müssen mindestens ein neues Foto (gemacht von Ihnen) mit dem Waymark enthalten.

Bitte geben Sie einige Eindrücke bei Ihren Besuch preis.


Category Settings:


Waymarks can be added to this category

New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published

Category is visible in the directory

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I think you are limiting your category to only Wars of Liberation especially when you express that your real desire is your original category that being the Battle of Leipzig. As you indicated this is mostly in Germany. I would recommend expanding it all the Napoleonic War memorials (excluding the War of 1812, which occurred during this time but was really separate and has its own category) this would make the category more global. This would not overlap much with the La Famille Bonaparte category as that category is not really about war memorials.

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First of all, this proposal is much better than the first one. I appreciate the hard work you have done in a very short time.


I think the same as BruceS. You better create a category for Napoleonic Wars, do not limit it to a part of it.


The rest of the category proposal is not bad; I will not go into minor details, nobody's perfect.


But I must confess, I have some doubts if it is a good idea to vote for this category. I've seen the group description and then your first proposal. The second one is not bad but you still highlight your original idea. I cannot help but think you are still only interested in the 50 Apel stones that can be found around Leipzig.


What happens when you have finished that? Will this become a abandoned category? You should invite some additional officers, preferably waymarkers with a certain reputation, maybe from other countries. This would help a lot to get my vote.


(My vote is not that important, I am only one person. You need 66% Yea votes to pass. Find out out what you can do to attract the majority!)

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Out of curiosity: Why no vacation photos? Should I just say that I took the photos while on a business trip instead?


I would also recommend that this should be removed .... if I am going to add a waymark to this category it is most likely going to be from a visit while I am on vacation. I don't have any Wars of Liberation memorials between me and my Walmart so most likely I will have to do it when on vacation.

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Thank you for all the good advice. We will incorporate these suggestions into our proposal and also expand the goals for our group. To make this more visible, we will change our group name.


Vacation photos in our minds are pictures with relaxed and funny people in beach wear. We think in a subcategory of war is not appropriate. But we can gladly do without this restriction.

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Thank you for all the good advice. We will incorporate these suggestions into our proposal and also expand the goals for our group. To make this more visible, we will change our group name.


Vacation photos in our minds are pictures with relaxed and funny people in beach wear. We think in a subcategory of war is not appropriate. But we can gladly do without this restriction.

I think this is a translation / language thing...we all have our vacation photos...the ones of the kids and the wife that are in waymark photos are usually in a category like "sit by me".


Afterall I have some pretty good photos that I don't need to spoil for Waymarking with my face :ph34r: or is that :cool:



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